Todra gorges tours from Marrakech, Fez, and more

The Todra Gorges in Morocco are perhaps the most spectacular gorges in Morocco due to their heights of up to 300 meters and their width of barely 10 meters at their narrowest point. This location, which is tucked away in the midst of picture-perfect red desert scenery, draws in a large number of mountaineers, climbers, and tourists who are on the lookout for remarkable locations because of their attractiveness. In the following paragraphs, we will provide you with all of the information you want in order to plan tours to the stunning Todra Gorges.

Situated in southern Morocco, the Todra Gorges are a popular starting point for excursions into the High Atlas Mountains and are just around 15 kilometers from Tinghir. Distances from this valley to Ouarzazate and Erfoud are respectively 168 and 160 kilometers. Because of its convenient position along the main road leading from Marrakech to the Saharan town of Merzouga, it serves as a popular rest stop and overnight accommodation for those making the journey.

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