Todra gorges tours from Marrakech, Fez, and more

The Todra Gorges in Morocco are perhaps the most spectacular gorges in Morocco due to their heights of up to 300 meters and their width of barely 10 meters at their narrowest point. This location, which is tucked away in the midst of picture-perfect red desert scenery, draws in a large number of mountaineers, climbers, and tourists who are on the lookout for remarkable locations because of their attractiveness. In the following paragraphs, we will provide you with all of the information you want in order to plan tours to the stunning Todra Gorges.

Situated in southern Morocco, the Todra Gorges are a popular starting point for excursions into the High Atlas Mountains and are just around 15 kilometers from Tinghir. Distances from this valley to Ouarzazate and Erfoud are respectively 168 and 160 kilometers. Because of its convenient position along the main road leading from Marrakech to the Saharan town of Merzouga, it serves as a popular rest stop and overnight accommodation for those making the journey.

How to get to Todra Gorges?

Todra gorges tours

Join a guided tour

One of the easiest and most secure ways to get to the stunning Todra gorges is by joining one of the guided tours from Marrakech, Fes, and other cities in Morocco. The following is a list of the most recommended tours that include a visit to these canyons:

Rent a car

If you are traveling by car from Marrakech, you will first need to make your way to Ouarzazate. You have about three hours to complete the journey since a portion of it is fairly hilly but in excellent shape. After arriving in Ouarzazate, you will have two hours and thirty minutes to go to the Todra Gorges. The parking lot where this excursion begins is located twenty-five minutes’ drive north of Tinghir on the R703, just beyond the area of the Todra Gorge that is the most narrow. The route that leads from Tinghir to the gorges is well-paved and simple to navigate.

Take a shared taxi

When traveling by shared taxi from Marrakech to the Todra Gorges, you will need to take a total of three taxis. The first takes you from Marrakech to Ouarzazate at a price of 100 MAD. In Ouarzazate, you will use another taxi to Tinghir whose cost ranges between 50 and 60 MAD based on the season. After arriving in Tinghir, the only way to go to the gorges is by taking another cab.

Take the bus

There is no bus service between Marrakech and the gorges in Morocco. The CTM bus that departs every morning at 8:30 h in the direction of Merzouga is the most practicable choice among the available alternatives. You will be staying in Tinghir, and in order to go to the gorges from there, you will use a taxi.

Where to stay in Todra gorges?

There are several sleeping choices. For the most daring, camping in nature is an option. Search here for hotels where to spend the night:


When to visit the Todra gorges and do the tours?

Todra gorges

The canyon and oasis are especially lovely in the spring when the lush green vegetation contrast with the red sandstone. However, in early spring, the snow might slowly melt and heavy rains can wash away the rock, rendering the mountain routes unusable. So, the greatest time to trek in the Gorges is around April/May.

Summer may be quite hot, making trekking difficult. Late September and October are also nice seasons to come after the temperatures drop, but the colors are not as vivid as in April.

Todra gorges’ palm groves

The Todra Gorges are part of the Todra Valley, which gets its name from the river that passes through it. The Todra River runs through the Todra Gorges after crossing the mountains for more than 40 kilometers. This river is vital to the local community since it feeds the huge palm of Tinghir. The community gardens in this palm grove are where people raise fruits and vegetables. The massive palm grove is irrigated by sophisticated irrigation systems known as Sigas (or Targat in Berber).

Climbing the rocks in Todra gorges

Morocco’s primary climbing site is the Todra Gorges. It includes over 500 routes, the great majority of which are 6c or less. This site really caters to climbers of all skill levels. The rock is high-quality limestone, nearly entirely polished and absolutely vertical.

If you wish to climb the Todra Gorges, there are several companies to hire, but if you want to do it on your own, you need to understand that the routes are generally well-bolted, but some are not, so it is worthwhile to check with a local firm beforehand for the most recent maintenance reports.

You can book this activity with this agency:

Touring the gorges of Todra

You don’t have to be a climber to appreciate the beauty of these gorges; a simple trek will do. This route is quite reachable to everyone and can be a really genuine adventure where you will share the way with nomadic people of the area’s Berber towns who trek along and down with their cattle. These guys are quite kind, and you may even be welcomed to tea at their houses – a true Moroccan experience!

Several tour companies in Tinghir provide guided tours varying from a few hours to several days, but this path through the Todra Gorges is simple to follow and does not need a guide.

Advice on the walk through Todra gorges

When driving north on the R703, look for a huge gravel parking lot on your left shortly after the narrowest portion of the canyon. There is a route that rises to the left of the main road there. The trail begins with a concrete stairway that rapidly changes into a gravel track and goes up the valley.

After approximately 30 minutes, the trail will zigzag up a ravine on the left. This is the most difficult section of the trek, but it is also the shortest. The trail bends right and flattens out after about ten to fifteen minutes. The main road curves ahead to the right as the path flattens out entirely. Avoid this and head left, walking up a short incline of 20 to 30 meters till you reach a chair between the hilltops.

Proceed eastward down a short valley, maintaining a dry river bed on your right, from the saddle. After approximately five minutes, the trail bends right, traverses the dry river bed, and then climbs the opposite side via a circular walled enclosure. It then curves counter-clockwise past a nomadic community with tents. There will be caverns.

It’s a bit tough to determine which path to take since the nomads have cut their own. But, after passing through the hamlet, ascend to the top of the hill, where you can see the trail you desire disappearing into the valley.

The trail now proceeds east and gradually drops, with a few zigzags, until it reaches a tiny flat area from which a path goes to the northeast on the left side of a steep valley. This trail flattens out and then dips into the city via a dry riverbed.

Pass past the dwellings, cross the river on one of the makeshift bridges built by the locals, and make your way across the northern portion of the Tinghir Oasis to the road on the opposite side. Before returning to the parking lot, turn left on the road and follow the Todra Gorge.

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