New Year’s Eve In Malta: The Ultimate Guide

Malta, an island country situated in the Mediterranean Sea, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and stunning scenery. With its traditional celebrations and unique customs, it is no surprise that Malta is a hugely popular spot to spend New Year’s Eve. From fireworks displays in Valletta to street parties in Floriana, this ultimate guide will show you how to make the most of your New Year’s Eve experience on the island of Malta. Get ready to indulge in some delicious local cuisines, join an exciting street party, and experience some ancient traditions like never before!

A New Year to remember on the island of Malta

Celebrating New Year’s Eve on the island of Malta has evolved over the years, offering a range of exciting activities from traditional family dinners to thrilling fireworks and bustling street parties. Although restaurants are often packed with generations of Maltese relations, there are now even more options for seeing in the new year with a bang. Valletta is home to an impressive display of fireworks that can be seen miles away, while some choose to stay closer to home with a variety of delicious dinners and hip happenings at one of the Corinthia hotels. Imbuljuta tal-Qastan also remains an important part of Maltese culture during this time as families come together around tables laden with traditional dishes prepared especially for New Year’s celebrations. Moving away from traditional festivities, those looking for something different can explore Malta’s nightlife scene or take part in one of many exciting outdoor activities available during the holiday season.

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Indulge In A Traditional New Year’s Eve Dinner

Tiġieġa Bil-Patata, maltese dish

Indulging in the traditional Maltese dishes of Brodu Tat-Tiġieġa, Imqarrun Il-Forn, and Tiġieġa Bil-Patata il-forn is an excellent way to mark the end of the year. These hearty dishes are a delicious combination of North African, Sicilian, and British influences that will satisfy even the hungriest appetite. To complete your New Year’s Eve dinner, consider adding a few more traditional items:

  • A sweet honey ring is known as Qagħaq Tal-Għasel
  • A bowl of strong coffee
  • A rich dessert such as Ravjul or Kwareżimal. All these treats can be enjoyed with family and friends for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration. As the evening draws to a close, head outside to Valletta to watch one of Malta’s spectacular firework shows – another must on any festive itinerary.

Watch The Fireworks Show In Valletta

Fireworks Show In Valletta during New Year's eve in Malta

Viewers of the dazzling fireworks display in Valletta will be treated to a magnificent show that marks the end of the year with grandeur. Onlookers can marvel at a majestic spectacle from St George’s Square, the Valletta Waterfront, and other vantage points around Malta’s capital city, as multi-colored pyrotechnics light up the night sky. The traditional Maltese fireworks show has been held annually since the time of the Order of Knights of St John and is regarded as one of Malta’s most beloved cultural traditions. Crowds gather at key spots across Valletta to take part in this festive event, which promises thrills and a sense of awe for all who witness it. As well as being visually stunning, it is further amplified by free concerts featuring jazz bands and DJs performing live music throughout the evening; making it an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. With such a vibrant atmosphere, expect plenty more surprises when you visit Malta on New Year’s Eve – join in or watch from afar!

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Join The Street Party In Floriana

Street Party In Floriana, Malta

Head to Floriana to join the vibrant street party, where a lively atmosphere awaits with buzzing crowds and live music. Enjoy the spectacle of bright colors, cheering crowds, and a wave of sound that will fill your ears. Get lost in the festivities as you explore all that St Anne’s has to offer:

  • Sample traditional Maltese dishes like Pastizzi or Timpana;
  • Check out local vendors selling handmade trinkets and souvenirs;
  • Dance along to live bands playing a variety of music.
    The energy of this street party will put you in an exciting mood for the night ahead. So, come early and make sure to bring your dancing shoes – it’s time to get ready for some serious fun! Transitioning into the next section, why not put down the champagne, and try a mug of Imbuljuta tal-qastan instead?

Put Down The Champagne, And Try A Mug Of Imbuljuta Tal-Qastan Instead

Imbuljuta Tal-Qastan, Maltese famous dishes

Forgo the traditional champagne, and instead savor a cup of Imbuljuta tal-qastan, an age-old warm concoction made with chestnuts, cocoa, tangerine rind, cloves, and sugar. This comforting drink harks back to Malta’s traditions and is the perfect way to welcome in the New Year. The combination of flavors creates a unique taste that is sweet yet slightly spicy due to the cloves. It warms you from within on chilly New Year’s Eve evenings when temperatures drop into the night. A mug of Imbuljuta Tal-Qastan also offers many health benefits thanks to its ingredients; it’s rich in antioxidants and can help boost your immune system during wintertime celebrations. With this festive beverage in hand, you’ll be ready for wherever the night takes you! Now let’s move on to party into New Year’s Day at St. Julians and Paceville.

Party Into New Year’s Day At St. Julians And Paceville

St. Julians in Malta at night celebrating New Year

Visitors to Malta on New Year’s Eve can experience the ultimate nightlife destination by partying into the new year at St. Julians and Paceville. This dedicated clubbing and bar district is renowned for its stamina-rich club hopping, which may prove difficult on this special occasion due to many events being ticketed in advance. Be sure to do your research if you want to dance your way through the night and welcome in the new year! While some will be ending their evening here, others may wish to revive some lost traditions on New Year’s Day, or not – but one thing is certain: there are plenty of ways to make your stay in Malta a memorable one this festive season.

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Revive Some Lost Traditions On New Year’s Day . . . Or Not

Celebrating New Year’s Day in Malta offers a unique opportunity to revive timeless traditions and create new memories. Although some traditions have been lost over the years, there are still some that can be celebrated on New Year’s Day. One such tradition is I-Istrina; it was customary to give gifts of money to small children on the first day of New Year in Malta. Another tradition is spreading white lime around thresholds, which symbolizes purity and a new beginning. However, this superstition has largely died out in the 1930s and may not be as widely accepted today as it once was. Despite this, celebrating these old customs can help keep the Maltese culture alive for future generations to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time will the fireworks show start?

The fireworks show on New Year’s Eve in Malta will commence at midnight local time. This spectacular event is sure to delight spectators with its dazzling array of colors and exciting sounds. Enjoy the freedom of this joyous occasion!

Can I bring my own food and drinks to the street party in Floriana?

Yes, it is permitted to bring your own food and drinks to the street party in Floriana. However, consumption of alcoholic beverages is limited and must comply with Maltese laws. Disposal of waste should also be considered for a safe and enjoyable environment.

How much does a traditional New Year’s Eve dinner cost?

A traditional New Year’s Eve dinner can cost between €50-€100 depending on the restaurant and the menu. Most restaurants offer special menus with high-end dishes. Prices may also include drinks, music, and entertainment.

Are there any special events for children on New Year’s Eve in Malta?

Many family-friendly events are held throughout Malta on New Year’s Eve, such as fireworks displays, carnivals, and parades. Children can also participate in activities like face painting, treasure hunts, and outdoor games. Special performances from local entertainers provide a unique experience for children of all ages.

What is the best way to get around Malta on New Year’s Eve?

Public transport is the most convenient and cost-effective way to get around Malta on New Year’s Eve. Buses, trains, and ferries are available and offer a low-cost option for travelers of all ages. Taxis are also widely available but may be more expensive.


Malta is a unique place to welcome the New Year. From traditional dinners and street parties to fireworks shows and unique drinks, there are plenty of ways to celebrate. No matter what you choose to do on New Year’s Eve, it will be an experience that you will never forget. On New Year’s Day, those who wish can explore lost traditions or simply relax with family and friends. Whatever your plans may be for the holiday season in Malta, it is sure to be a memorable one!

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