Best Time To Visit Zimbabwe, The Climate Guide

Although September and October are exceptionally hot and dry, the dry winter season (May to October) is typically considered the best time to visit Zimbabwe for game-watching due to warm temperatures, almost no rain, and minimal malaria risk. The conclusion of the summer rainy season, between April and May, is the best time to see Victoria Falls when they are in full flow and at their most spectacular.

January To March

The low-water season for Victoria Falls occurs in January, so although it may be wet and more difficult to observe animals in the thick jungle, you may take advantage of reduced prices and fewer tourists.

February is a damp and dreary month. Victoria Falls is in full flow since the Zambezi River is at a high level; however, the quantity of mist and spray may make it difficult to see the waterfall itself. If you go at that time, I highly recommend taking a helicopter or microlight to fly above the Falls so you can really grasp their massiveness.

You can anticipate warm, humid weather in Zimbabwe in March, with frequent afternoon thundershowers, but they tend to be brief and linger a little more than a few hours at a time. The spray rainbows and surrounding gorges provide spectacular views at Victoria Falls, and the water levels are at their highest point of the year.

April To May

Visiting Zimbabwe in April is a good idea since the rainy season ends and temperatures drop, leaving the game reserves lush and verdant. Packing plenty of layers and waterproof gear is recommended since the weather may change quickly.

May is the best month to visit Victoria Falls and have a fantastic safari since the water is still high. May is high season in Zimbabwe, so if you want to avoid paying peak prices, it’s advisable to make your reservations as far in advance as possible (up to a year).

June To July

In June, when the natural waterholes dry up and the herds gather at lakes, rivers, and man-made waterholes, game viewing is at its finest. Matobo Hills is the place to go in June for rhino tracking, and Hwange National Park is where you go to view massive herds of elephants.

Nights get chillier in July as winter sets in. Bring along some additional layers of clothes since the nighttime temperatures tend to dip and the early morning game drives may be rather chilly. This month is ideal for canoe safaris due to the abundance of wildlife you will see.

August To September

August in Zimbabwe is a great time to see animals since the days are long and there are few clouds in the sky. The dry season peaks in August, making it one of the greatest times to go on a safari in Zimbabwe, and the game reserve camps are often at capacity then. Also, white-water rafting at Victoria Falls is fantastic right now. Because of the beginning of the dry season, the rapids are more visible and the water is slower.

In September, Hwange National Park hosts an important event on the Zimbabwean calendar: the annual game count. Hwange is the biggest game park in the nation, and it also has a diverse ecosystem. Once a year, visitors to Zimbabwe may join local Hwange rangers at watering holes to participate in a wildlife count that helps determine how many animals live in the park.

October To December

The year’s warmest month, October is marked by increasingly warm days. Even though the dry season is winding down, October is still a great time to visit Zimbabwe for wildlife viewing. The herds of elephants are congregating at watering holes, making this the ideal time for a game drive to see them.

November brings a wide range of weather conditions to Zimbabwe. It’s spring, and the dryness and high heat of October can extend over into this month if the rains don’t come “on time.” However, if the rains do come “on time,” it might be quite wet. Thousands of migrating birds come with the rain, making this period the greatest time to visit Zimbabwe for birding, despite the relative calm of the nation. There are several safari lodges in Zimbabwe where knowledgeable guides are on hand to show guests the many migratory and resident bird species.

A lot of summer rain falls in December, making for lush vegetation and excellent birding conditions. Victoria Falls is a trickle at this time of year, so we can’t encourage a visit. The lodges and game parks in Zimbabwe are less busy at this time, allowing you a more personal and relaxing safari experience.

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