All You Need To Know About Oujda In Morocco

Welcome to Oujda! This picturesque city in the country’s northeastern region is a destination where you can discover a distinct culture and meet friendly residents. There’s a lot to see and do in this city, from traditional marketplaces to majestic mosques. Oujda offers something for everyone, whether you want to relax at a café or go on an expedition through the bustling streets. Its distinct atmosphere and strong sense of community will win you over. So prepare for an incredible holiday – you’ll undoubtedly leave with some lovely memories!

About Oujda

Oujda art gallery

You’ll be intrigued to read about Oujda’s rich, fascinating history, from its beginnings as an Ottoman Empire training field to its participation in the Battle of Isly against the French. Oujda is a Moroccan city that, although not as well-known as other places in the nation, has a lot to offer in terms of activities and exploration. There are several ways to enjoy this great city, whether you want to do something cultural or something fun with the family.

Is it safe to visit Oujda? Absolutely! Many people who have visited the city throughout the years have labeled it one of Morocco’s safest locations to visit. Some neighborhoods should be avoided late at night owing to crime and violence, but tourists may feel safe while seeing all this dynamic city has to offer.

There is something for everyone in Oujda, from seeing ancient sights like the fortified walls of Old Medina to strolling along Place de la Victoire! There are magnificent beaches nearby, and sports like sandboarding in the Erfoud Desert are only minutes away from downtown for those looking for an off-the-beaten-path experience. Oujda provides everything you need for the ideal holiday, whether you’re searching for a calm weekend escape or an exhilarating, adventure packed vacation!

How to get to Oujda

Getting to Oujda is simple and convenient. You may fly, ride the train, or hire a vehicle at the airport. Flying is quick and easy, with multiple direct flights accessible from major Moroccan cities. Those who prefer to go by rail may do so from Casablanca, Fes, Marrakech, and other places in Morocco. Finally, you may hire a vehicle directly at the airport in Oujda to explore the city or go on day excursions into the surrounding region.

Getting by plane

Airport of Oujda

Flying to Oujda is the fastest and easiest way to get there, and you’ll feel like you’ve got there in no time! With Royal Air Maroc’s daily flights from Casablanca, traveling to Oujda is a snap. Here are four reasons why flying is the best mode of transportation for your trip:

  • It saves you time – with flights taking much less time than the land crossing distance would otherwise!
  • You don’t have to worry about finding transportation or dealing with traffic.
  • There are international connections that make it even easier if you’re coming from outside of Morocco.
  • It gives you freedom as soon as you step off the plane, ready for your adventure!

No matter where you are on the globe, flying to Oujda makes your travel faster and more fun than ever before. So don’t put it off any longer; book your trip and see all this lovely city has to offer!

The train to Oujda

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Morocco on a sumptuous overnight train trip from Casablanca to Oujda! The Moroccan railway system is ideal for this excursion, with tickets available in-station or online. Cabins are available in singles, doubles, and single-gender quads, so there is something for everyone. And, with the longest portion of the journey lasting over 11 hours overnight, there’ll be plenty of time to unwind and soak it all in!

The trains depart from numerous locations, including Casablanca, Rabat, and Fez, so you may choose the one that is nearest to you. Prices may vary depending on how far in advance you purchase your ticket, but be assured that it will be well worth it! So, why not do something out of your comfort zone? Take a risk on something new and see Morocco by train; you won’t be disappointed.

Car rental at the airport of Oujda

Car rental from the Oujda airport is simple and convenient, with an automated option that makes longer journeys a breeze! The airport has all of the main automobile rental companies, making it an excellent starting point for exploring Morocco. Sixt makes it simple to hire an automatic vehicle; their staff speaks English and will offer full instructions on how to use the vehicle. These automobiles cost somewhat more than ordinary vehicles, but the convenience is worth it if you intend on going on lengthy trips. Auto transmission cars also have air conditioning, which is ideal for those hot Moroccan days!

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Where to Eat in Oujda

The best food in Oujda

Look no further if you’re seeking a fantastic supper in Oujda, Morocco! Ferran Lhacen is a local favorite who serves up classic Moroccan meals that will make your taste buds dance. Head to the Souk and sample the street food sellers for a real experience; they will not disappoint. And don’t forget to pick up some cookies on your way out—they’re available all around the city!

Ferran Lhacen

Ferran Lhacen in Oujda serves wonderful, genuine Moroccan cuisine that you won’t soon forget! This popular neighborhood restaurant serves some of the best authentic Moroccan cuisine in the city. You’ll be spoilt for choice with delicacies like tagine, couscous, and méchoui on the menu. Here’s what makes it unique:

  • Rich flavors that tantalize your taste buds
  • Fresh ingredients sourced from nearby markets
  • Fast service that keeps you coming back for more

With its distinctive atmosphere and outstanding hospitality, Ferran Lhacen provides an exceptional experience. The staff will make sure that your stay is completely enjoyable as soon as you enter, and they will greet you politely. But get there early because they sell out fast! So come hungry and prepared to dig into some delicious Moroccan food at Ferran Lhacen!

Street Food Vendors in the Souk

Explore the street food sellers in the Souk for some delectable meals and a memorable flavor of Morocco! You may find a broad range of delectable cuisines from all around the nation here. There’s something for everyone, from tangines and couscous to kebabs and falafel. The vendors are also well-known for their freshly squeezed juices and delicacies such as baklava. Furthermore, you can be sure that you are eating authentic Moroccan food because locals frequent these shops.

The pleasure of exploring the booths is almost as pleasurable as the meal itself. Due to the vibrant colors and aromas all around you, your senses will be tingling with excitement. With friendly faces all around, you’ll feel right at home in this vibrant neighborhood. Take a leisurely walk around the market or get a bite to eat as traditional music plays in the background—the choice is yours! So come hungry and prepared to experience an authentic Moroccan flavor at Oujda’s street food sellers in the Souk!

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Make sure to quench your sweet taste with the delectable cookies from Oujda’s patisseries—these delectable delicacies will take you on a culinary voyage! Each cookie, from classic French macarons to traditional Moroccan pastries, is created with care and affection. The scents of orange blossom, cinnamon, almond, and honey tempt the taste receptors and create a genuinely unique experience. Whether you want something tiny to munch on or something more substantial as a gift, the range of cookies offered in Oujda is guaranteed to delight. Locals are often eager to share their expertise on the many sorts of cookies available and can assist you in making the best choice. With so many possibilities available, it’s easy to pick something unique that will brighten and thrill your day!

Foods to Seek out in Oujda

If you’re visiting Oujda, Morocco, you won’t want to miss out on the amazing local food. There’s something for everyone, from boudin and karan to slender, extra-long baguettes and kaskrout sandwiches. Ka’ak biscuits are a delicious sweet delicacy that will make your taste buds dance!


Oujda’s boudin is a fragrant sausage wrapped in a natural casing and stuffed with meat, spices, and rice. This halal cousin of Louisiana boudin is a staple of the Oujda culinary scene. There are a variety of tastes that will tempt your taste buds. The sausage has been adapted from the French occupation, and it comes in spherical rings that have been perfectly cooked.

Moroccan cuisine isn’t generally spicy, but the spices used in this meal give it a bite. Don’t be confused, this is not the same as merguez – it has a completely different taste profile! The natural casing may turn some people off, but if you’re brave enough to try it, you won’t be disappointed. Try this delectable cuisine for yourself and discover everything that Oujda has to offer!

IngredientsTaste & Texture
Meat + Spices + RiceAromatic + Spicy + Grilled
Natural CasingCrunchy + Flavorful


Karan is a cooked chickpea flan/paste seasoned with salt, cumin, and chili peppers that will tickle your taste buds. This classic Moroccan meal is famous in northern Morocco, especially in the city of Oujda. It is significantly thinner than other comparable meals found across the Mediterranean, and each slice costs just 1 dh, making it a cheap snack for both residents and visitors. This tasty delicacy is not only affordable but also quite delicious! The mix of salty, spicy, and savory flavors creates an amazing experience that you will not soon forget! Karan will undoubtedly excite your senses and provide you with a real experience of Moroccan culture.

Skinny, extra-long baguettes

Karan isn’t only a delicious snack; the Oujda baguette on which it’s served is also thin, exceptionally long, and flavorful! It has a distinct texture that distinguishes it from other baguettes. It has a crunchy surface that gives way to a soft, chewy inside. The Oujda baguette’s length makes it ideal for sharing with friends or enjoying alone. Plus, its size allows you to eat more bits in one sitting! The taste profile of this baguette is what makes it so delicious: it’s delicately sweetened, nutty, and has touches of buttery richness. Karan may be enjoyed on its own or with some delectable accompaniments like honey, jam, or cheese. Karan on an Oujda baguette will leave your taste buds satiated and yearning for more freedom!

Kaskrout (sandwiches)

Let’s move on from the extra-long baguettes to the Kaskrout sandwiches. These are a popular snack in Oujda, Morocco, and across North Africa. Kaskrout sandwiches, like bocadillos, are filled with your choice of veggies and meat but are prepared using an extra-long baguette. They’re grilled until the outsides are crispy and served hot. People often consume them as a fast snack or supper on the run. They are also available in sandwich shops in and around Oujda, as well as from street sellers across Morocco.

Kaskrout sandwiches are simple to prepare and need few ingredients: bread, veggies (such as lettuce, tomatoes, and onions), optional cheese, and your choice of meat (grilled chicken is a common alternative). The trick to producing outstanding kaskrouts is in the preparation: toast the bread until it’s properly browned and crispy before adding all of the ingredients so that everything stays together nicely when you bite.

Product Specs:

  • Made with extra-long baguette
  • Filled with vegetables and meat of choice
  • Toasted until crisp on outside
  • Quick snack/meal on go
  • Easy to make with minimal ingredients
  • Delicious flavor combinations depend on filling choices Cons:
  • Not very healthy due to high fat content from meats/oils used for cooking

Ka’ak Cookies

Tantalize your taste senses with Oujda’s exquisite ka’ak cookies—a light, fluffy delight suitable for a snack or to stock up on for your trips. These Moroccan delicacies come in a variety of forms, such as stars and moons, which makes them even more appealing. The texture is less thick than identical cookies from other places, and the taste is light and pleasing.

StarsLight and FluffyMild and Sweet
MoonsSoft yet crispSlightly Nutty

Lemon Juice

Now, for a wonderful and refreshing drink to go with your Ka’ak biscuits, a cup of lemon juice is a must. It’s a popular addition to this oven-baked delicacy in Oujda. Plus, it’s just 1 DH per cup! So, if you want something sweet and tart that won’t break the bank, lemon juice is your best choice.

This beverage is even better since it includes Vitamin C, which helps keep your immune system robust so you can enjoy all of the attractions of Oujda without getting ill. It not only improves your health but also provides an additional layer of zesty flavor to each meal! So go out and grab some fresh lemon juice; you won’t be sorry.

Tea with Sheeba

Enjoy a cup of tea prepared with sheeba, a fragrant, absinthe-like plant, for a really Moroccan experience. Sheeba is the standard tea herb in Morocco, and it has an incomparable flavor that will tickle your taste buds. Here are four compelling reasons to try this unusual tea:

  1. It is incredibly aromatic and has a subtle hint of licorice.
  2. It has earthy tones, which provide a pleasant balance to the sweet mint usually used in traditional Moroccan teas.
  3. Sheeba helps promote digestion and acts as an appetite stimulant due to its natural properties.
  4. Finally, it brings out the full flavor profile of the other herbs used in the tea blend, making it even more enjoyable!
    So why not take advantage of this opportunity to explore something new? A cup of tea with Sheeba can be just what you need to make your next trip to Morocco truly unforgettable!

Things to do in Oujda

There are many things to do in Oujda if you’re looking for something to do. Begin by strolling around the Medina, which is filled with lively souks and intriguing architecture. Then visit St. Louis Catholic Church, a stunning specimen of French colonial architecture. Don’t miss Gold Street and its French colonial remains for a totally unique experience.

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Explore the Medina

Best place to visit in Oujda

Exploring the Medina of Oujda is an unforgettable experience. Expect to discover a lively market loaded with one-of-a-kind local items and treasures. Everything you might desire for your personal collection or as a present for someone special can be found here at amazing rates, from traditional Moroccan slippers and kaftans to exquisite carpets that seldom find their way out of eastern Morocco. The pajamas are also an unusual sight, as they are bright and comfy, making them ideal for individuals who wish to feel like they are a part of the local culture.

The atmosphere of the medina is also unique; it’s colorful and hectic, yet with an underlying sense of freedom that will excite you. Whether you want to buy souvenirs or simply absorb the culture, spending time here will be a wonderful experience.

Visit St. Louis Catholic Church

Louis Catholic Church oujda

St. Louis Catholic Church in Oujda, Morocco, is a sight to see—a haven of spiritual serenity and beauty that will not be forgotten. It is a quiet reminder of religion and dedication in this hectic metropolis, located near the royal palace. Here are some things to think about before you go:

  • What to See:
  • The majestic architecture of the church with its bell tower and arches, as well as ornate stained glass windows.
  • The lush gardens surrounding the building feature vibrant flowers and trees.
  • What to Do:
  • Attend one of the traditional Catholic or Protestant services at St. Louis Church for an unforgettable experience.
  • Take photos from an angle permitted by police presence nearby—capture memories without compromising security protocols.

Visiting St. Louis Catholic Church will be a fascinating spiritual and awe-inspiring experience; take advantage of this chance while you’re in Oujda!

The Gold Street

After you’ve seen St. Louis Catholic Church, why not take a walk along Gold Street? It’s a fantastic destination for individuals who like shopping for jewelry and gold in Oujda, Morocco. There are numerous distinctive types and designs to be found here, many of which are fairly priced in comparison to bigger towns. It’s also a terrific method to get a taste of the flavor of Oujda. Explore the many stores and be amazed by the variety of wonderful objects on exhibit. There’s something for everyone here, from traditional diamond rings to delicate necklaces. Take your time and take in the views; you’re certain to uncover something amazing!

French Colonial Remnants

Take a trip back in time and see Oujda’s French colonial vestiges, where you’ll find breathtaking architecture and historical relics:

  • Architecture:
  • The original train depot, built when trains were introduced to Morocco for the first time.
  • European-style buildings with intricate designs and prominent windows.
  • Relics from the Past.
  • A large cemetery that was once used by the French military.
  • Remnants of French fortifications along the city walls.

Explore these wonderful pieces of history that reflect the narrative of Oujda’s colonial and recent pasts—all within walking distance! Discover what makes this city so special and why it remains such a vital part of Moroccan culture today.

Where to Stay in Oujda

You’ll want to locate the best hotel to stay in Oujda if you’re planning a vacation there. Fortunately, there are several excellent alternatives, like the Ibis Oujda, Atlas Terminus and Spa, and Hotel Riad Cafeteria Lahlou. Each of these hotels provides something different, from comfy rooms to opulent facilities, so select your favorite and have a great time in Oujda!

Ibis Oujda

For visitors visiting Morocco, staying at the Ibis Oujda is a handy and cost-effective alternative. Because of its closeness to the railway station, you may reach your destination swiftly and affordably. Furthermore, it provides a range of facilities to meet the demands of travelers, including:

  1. Comfortable rooms with all the essentials
  2. Friendly staff is ready to help with any queries
  3. A central location for easy access to nearby attractions

The Ibis Oujda is a perfect base for exploring Morocco while also offering comfort and security. The staff is kind and helpful, and they make sure you have all you need for a pleasant visit. This facility is guaranteed to make your journey unforgettable, whether you’re searching for a deluxe or budget-friendly experience!

Atlas Terminus and Spa

The Atlas Terminus and Spa is a fantastic alternative for a pleasant stay in Morocco. This hotel, located across the parking lot from the Ibis, has more facilities than its counterpart at somewhat higher costs. With a spa and a swimming pool, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to unwind and enjoy your stay in Oujda. If you wish to explore the region, you can rent a vehicle from them or hire a tour guide who will show you all the top places in town. Furthermore, their helpful team is always available to assist you with any questions or requests you may have. Atlas Terminus and Spa provides all you need for a romantic retreat or a work trip.

Hotel Riad Cafeteria Lahlou

Hotel Riad Cafeteria Lahlou is an excellent choice for a pleasant, family-style stay in the center of Oujda, Morocco. With its traditional Moroccan design and welcoming environment, the hotel provides a one-of-a-kind experience for those wanting to discover all this dynamic city has to offer.

The hotel’s rooms are tiny yet pleasant, with basic furnishings that give them a cozy atmosphere. Guests may also use the on-site restaurant, which provides delectable local cuisine as well as worldwide favorites. The staff is always pleased to assist guests in getting around town and is delighted to provide information on cultural sites and activities in the vicinity.

Family FeelSmall RoomsOn-Site Restaurant
Traditional DecorLimited AmenitiesHelpful Staff

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oujda a safe place to visit?

Oujda is a relatively safe area to visit. It’s a lively and pleasant city with much to see and do. You’ll feel safe wandering about the streets and taking in the culture, cuisine, and sights. There are also several entertainment alternatives for enjoyable evenings out. So go ahead and have a good time!

What is the weather like in Oujda?

Most of the year, the weather in Oujda is pleasant and bright. Summers are hot, with temperatures exceeding 35°C, while winters are moderate and humid. Enjoy great days outside while exploring this colorful city!

What is the best time of year to visit Oujda?

Visit Oujda in the spring or autumn for milder weather and less tourists. Explore its distinct culture, welcoming folks, and breathtaking scenery. Discover the warmth and friendliness of this Moroccan city for an unforgettable vacation!

Are there any cultural or religious sites to visit in Oujda?

Yes! Oujda is rich in cultural and religious attractions. There’s lots to see and do here, from the old El Mokri Mosque to the stunning Grand Mosque. There’s also a historic Jewish cemetery and a number of noteworthy museums.

Are there any family-friendly activities in Oujda?

Yes! In Oujda, there are several family-friendly activities. There’s something for everyone, from kids’ playgrounds and outdoor activities to exciting amusement parks. Put on your hiking boots and experience the stunning natural beauty that surrounds you! Visit neighboring sites such as Paradise Valley or the Cap Draâ Nature Reserve on a day excursion. Have a wonderful time with your loved ones!


You now know all there is to know about Oujda, Morocco. It’s a great location, from the finest places to dine and stay to the amazing activities you can do while you’re there. Oujda has something for everyone, whether you choose a calm beach vacation or an ambitious adventure into the Sahara. So don’t wait any longer; start organizing your vacation to this great city right now! You will not be sorry. Oujda is a vacation of a lifetime due to its distinct culture, wonderful food, magnificent scenery, and friendly people. So go ahead and discover all this incredible city has to offer – you won’t be disappointed!

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