Amridil Kasbah, guided tours, and more

If you are interested in learning more about the traditions of the Moroccan people, a good location to begin your exploration is in the town of Skoura, specifically in the Kasbah of Amridil.

How to get to Amridil Kasbah?

The easiest and safest way to get to Amridil Kasbah is by joining a guided tour. Below is a list of the recommended guided tours from Ouarzazate that includes a visit to the Kasbah fortress:

Why to visit Amridil Kasbah?

When traveling to Morocco, there are several amazing places to see and activities to partake in. It may be difficult to make preparations for all of them. But if you are going to be in Marrakesh for an extended period of time, you should really think about taking a day or two off to go to the southeast of Morocco and spend some time there. From the city of Ouarzazate to the city of Erfoud, which is the entrance to the sand dunes, the whole region is filled with breathtaking landscape, welcoming people, and history that dates back to the ancient era. The little town of Skoura and the Kasbah Amridil are two destinations that are known for their enchantment.

In addition to palm trees, almond trees, fig trees, and olive trees may be found in the stunning oasis that is Skoura. The Kasbah Amridil is the most impressive of the area’s many stunning kasbahs, and it is also the most centrally located. It is not only the biggest Kasbah in Skoura, but it also ranks up there as one of the biggest in all of Morocco.

The history of Amridil Kasbah

The Nassiri family, who first constructed Kasbah Amridil in the 17th century, is the same family that has been responsible for its maintenance ever since. This “living museum” provides an excellent chance to get additional information about the lifestyle of the people who inhabited the Kasbah three hundred years ago. The buildings, streets, and Kasbah walls are all in good repair, and they have remained mostly untouched for nearly 300 years. When you walk among them, it’s possible to get a feeling of what it was like to live there in years gone by. It is now possible to go inside a number of structures thanks to restoration work. You’ll also get to view the historic bread ovens, wells, and even an olive oil press that dates back centuries.

There was a time when the stunning Kasbah was shown on the fifty dirham note; however, the more recent ones do not have it anymore. In addition to this, it has been included in a number of movies, including as “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.”

Guided tours are provided on-site in five languages. The trips are really enlightening, especially if you are not very acquainted with the way of living in the kasbah. If you decide that you would like to extend your stay at Kasbah Amridil for any reason, there is a charming guest house located just next door to the hotel.

Other Kasbahs near Amridil

Taking a tour of the Palmery is something you should think about doing if you decide that, in addition to Kasbah Amridil, you would want to explore other Kasbahs in Skoura. The Dar Ait Sidi el-Mati and the Kasbah el-Kabbaba are two of the other kasbahs that can be found in there. The Kasbah Ait Ben Moro dates back to the 18th century and was later renovated into a hotel after it had been abandoned for so long. Both Dar Lahsoune and Kasbah Ait Ben Abou may be found to the north of Skoura. 

What to do in Amridil Kasbah?

Because of the two seasonal rivers that flow through it, Skoura manages to maintain its status as a peaceful community and a veritable oasis. It is a fantastic spot to just kick back and relax for a bit in this location, which has a wealth of natural beauty. It is an excellent way to get away from the frenetic activity of Marrakesh. Skoura is home to a diverse selection of hotels, motels, and other types of lodging options, in addition to a variety of quaint eateries. Tours of the Palmery may be taken on foot, on bike, or on horseback in addition to the other various modes of transportation.

Find where to stay in Amridil and the surroundings here:


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