Best Hot air balloon in Grand Canyon Arizona

Taking one of the numerous hot air balloon rides in the area is the best way to take in the National Grand Canyon’s breathtaking scenery. The Grand Canyon is a one-of-a-kind place that exemplifies the awesome power of nature. The national park is representative of the geological history of northern Arizona. The park has been praised as a national treasure by many Americans. It still has the power to awe and amaze the senses, as well as spark creativity and innovation. Take advantage of the National Grand Canyon’s current hot air balloon tours to get a bird’s-eye perspective of one of the world’s most spectacular natural attractions. Keep reading to find out more about the hot air balloon rides over one of the most stunning and breathtaking places on Earth.

What caused the Grand Canyon to form?

Nobody knows for certain how the Grand Canyon as we know it today came to be!

Although there are numerous popular explanations, profound erosion occurred over millions of years as a result of persistent hammering by water, ice, and wind.

The Colorado River started carving into the Grand Canyon at its eastern end, sometimes known as Marble Canyon, around 20 million years ago!

Seasons and climate changed throughout millions of years due to continental drift and minor shifts in the earth’s orbit.

Native Americans who lived in and around the Grand Canyon about 12,000 years ago believed that the gods had created it as a wonder.

Over six million people visit Grand Canyon National Park each year, making it a de facto pilgrimage destination.

But instead of the boring old guided tour that has been around since 1975, I had an amazing experience that convinced me that the best way to view the Grand Canyon is from above.

Top 5 reasons to experience this ride.

1. Remembrance of Things on a Bucket List.

The time to start writing your own “bucket list” is now.

Many individuals fantasize about taking a hot air balloon flight someday. Flying in a hot air balloon is sure to be an adventure you’ll never forget, and one over the Grand Canyon will be something you can pass on to future generations.

2. Nature, especially waterfalls.

The best hot air balloon experience in the grand canyons

You won’t only witness the Colorado River gushing through the canyon; there are other sources of fresh water, too. Expensive waterfalls plunge from a height of hundreds of feet!

Havasu Falls, located on the Havasupai Indian Reservation, and Ribbon Falls, located on the North Rim’s Kaibab Trail, are two of the most spectacular.

There is a rich variety of wildlife in and around the Canyon, including mule deer, coyotes, and horned owls.

3. Quiet.

With almost 6 million tourists passing through the Canyon each year, things may become hectic and crowded there.

The neighborhood is bustling with tour groups on the go as they try to make their scheduled stops before or after the next one.

From above, though, I felt a profound peace as we ascended over the canyon.

There’s a pleasant calm in the air, and the folks below appear like ants jostling for position to take a photo.

Calmness will overtake you as you take in the Canyon’s serene scenery.

Having just taken up meditation in preparation for my 2018 trip, I found that it helped me remain peaceful as we ascended to greater altitudes.

As the world around you shrinks, you come to see your own troubles for what they really are: trivial and unimportant.

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4. Insight.

The sheer magnitude and grandeur of the Grand Canyon cannot be grasped from the ground.

For a more low-key sightseeing experience, opt for a guided stroll around the city’s well-trodden streets.

The Grand Canyon, in case you were wondering, is 277 miles (446 km) long, as broad as 18 miles (29 km), and as deep as more than a mile (6,093 feet or 1,857 meters).

The sensation of floating up into the sky in a hot air balloon in the Grand Canyon is enchanting.

You can see the enormous hole in the rock where Mad Max presumably hid.

5. Joy.

Phoenix and Las Vegas are the two main cities that are closest to the Grand Canyon. Flagstaff, Arizona, a small city with an international airport, is about 1.5 hours away from the South Rim. That must be the airport we landed at.

After ascending in our hot air balloon, we were overcome by an unparalleled sensation of joy and exhilaration.

Entertainingly, as we ascended in our wicker basket, we could feel ourselves floating higher and higher, and the ground beneath us seemed to vanish.

What Should I Do to Schedule a Grand Canyon Balloon Ride?

Balloon tours of the Grand Canyon are offered by a number of different tour companies. However, the best and safest way to book is online, check it out on Viator down below.

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