Nashville Evening Trolley Tour, 2023-2024

Are you ready to see Nashville in an entirely new light and learn about its illustrious past while reveling in the city’s lively energy? There is no need to look any farther than the Nashville Evening Trolley Tour, on which you will embark on a trip through the heart of Music City that you will never forget.

This excursion is not your typical sightseeing journey; rather, it is an immersive experience that will transport you to a bygone period, letting you absorb the soulful melodies and intriguing tales that have defined this world-famous city.

Evening Trolley Tour is a one-of-a-kind and all-encompassing experience that will make you feel energized and fully present in the moment. Get ready to go on a voyage that will enlighten your spirit and liberate your soul. Grab hold of your sense of adventure, climb aboard, and get ready to start going.

About Nashville

You’ve found the best resource online for information on Nashville. Nashville isn’t like any other city because its streets are alive with the sound of music. Nashville, Tennessee is well recognized as the “Music City” due to its status as a major center for the recording and performance of music, particularly country music.

You can feel the pulse of this city’s celebration of freedom and self-expression in your own blood from the minute you set foot in it.

But there’s more to Nashville than simply music. The city’s residents support all of its sports teams with equal fervor. Everyone can find a sport they want to watch in Nashville, whether they are football fans rooting for the Tennessee Titans, hockey fans rooting for the Nashville Predators, or soccer fans following Nashville SC. Sports have the unique ability to unite and bond strangers.

If you really want to get a sense of Nashville, you should go to a live game and soak up the electrifying excitement that flows through the city.

The sky’s the limit in Music City. This city provides an irresistible blend of independence and excitement, whether you’re interested in checking out the thriving music scene or cheering on your favorite sports teams.

Take the nighttime trolley tour of Nashville and learn everything about the city. Get ready to enjoy the liberation that comes from living in a location where art, athletics, and the search for happiness are revered. Nashville is eager to welcome you and offer you a night to remember.

Tour Overview

Enjoy a guided evening trolley ride around downtown Nashville as you listen to a performance guide point out Nashville’s many landmarks and attractions. Hear stories of legendary musicians who have performed in Music City and get insight into its rich past. Take pictures while your engaging guide provides interesting analysis.

How To Book This Tour?

You can book this experience online through Viator, the safest and most secure platform.

Pick-up And Drop-off locations

Pick-up location: 504 6th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203, USA, open in map here.

The meeting point for the tour is 504 6th Avenue South, just beside The Ole Smokey Distillery in Nashville. Please check in at least 20 minutes before your scheduled departure.

Drop-off location: This activity concludes at the meeting location.

What To Expect?

Ole Smoky Distillery & Yee-Haw Brewery

The tour begins and ends here. The world’s most visited Moonshine distillery has extended its footprint in Tennessee by partnering with Yee-Haw Brewing Company, one of Tennessee’s top craft brewers, to establish a complex in Nashville’s developing SoBro neighborhood. A distillery, brewery, pubs, tasting areas, beer & bottle stores, retail, large screen TVs, and live performances will be available at 6th & Peabody. Visitors may enjoy moonshine, cocktails, and beer by the glass, as well as meals and jars of moonshine and bottled beer to take home. You’re free to linger here for as long as you want before or after the trip.

Ryman Auditorium (pass by)

We will pass by this Ryman Auditorium.

Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum (pass by)

The Nashville Performers Hall of Fame and Museum recognizes all performers, whatever their genre or instrument. Inductees into the MHOF are chosen from candidates proposed by active AFM members and other music business professionals, and the MHOF’s chronology begins with the advent of recorded music.

Music Row (pass by)

We will pass by the Music Row also.

Why Choose This Tour?

With its quaint ambiance and expert instructors, this delightful trip will transport you back in time. When you ride the Nashville nighttime trolley, you’ll be taken back in time, where the clamor and bustle of contemporary life have faded.

The trolley’s historic style and the mellow glow of its lights provide a wonderful ambiance ideal for learning about the city’s rich history. But it’s not simply the atmosphere that distinguishes this trip. The expert tour guides on board are enthusiastic about Nashville’s history and will regale you with fascinating anecdotes about the city’s prominent monuments and hidden secrets. They’ll take you on a trip through time, offering amazing tales and little-known facts about Nashville’s history.

So why choose this tour? It’s about experiencing the soul of Nashville in a very unique manner, not simply tourism. This Nashville Evening Trolley Tour is ideal for anybody who enjoys the beauty of a city steeped in tradition, whether they are history buffs, music lovers, or just appreciate the beauty of a city steeped in tradition. So climb on board and let Nashville’s charm whisk you away on a journey you’ll never forget.


Finally, if you’re searching for a fun and instructive way to experience the dynamic city of Nashville, the evening trolley tour is a great option. You’ll get to explore the finest of what Nashville has to offer while experiencing the convenience of a guided tour thanks to its vibrant environment and expert guides.

So sit back, relax, and let the trolley carry you through Music City’s heart and soul. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; schedule your nighttime trolley tour of Nashville now!

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