Valley Of Fire State Park Small Group Tour, 2023-2024

If you want to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the beautiful Valley of Fire State Park, get ready to be blown away by the stunning magnificence of this natural phenomenon on our small-group tour from Las Vegas. As you go here, you’ll see why the Valley of Fire is so beloved by outdoor adventurers and eco-tourists.

About The Valley Of Fire State Park

Stunning sandstone formations, breathtaking canyons, and interesting old rock art await you at Valley of Fire State Park.

Located just 16 miles south of Overton, Nevada, this amazing park spans approximately 46,000 acres of terrain. The park was named after the Aztec Sandstone, a bright red sandstone created from shifting sand dunes more than 150 million years ago.

You’ll be surrounded by natural treasures as you explore Valley of Fire State Park. The uniqueness of this area is owed to the sandstone formations that take the form of arches, spires, and canyons.

There is a wealth of cultural heritage preserved in the park as well, in the form of petroglyphs and pictographs. These examples of old Native American rock art can add a new dimension of mystery to your trip by giving you a look into the past.

The Valley of Fire State Park is a fantastic destination for anybody, whether they are interested in nature, or history, or just want to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Tour Overview

Valley Of Fire State Park Small Group Tour Overview

This small-group day trip to Valley of Fire State Park eliminates the need to hire a vehicle and all the associated paperwork. Hiking trails may be visited without concern for getting lost when you go with a guide, and you can get insight into the local environment at the same time. Stop often for picture ops to capture the tour’s spectacular red and orange landscape.

  • Take advantage of this convenient small-group trip to the Valley of Fire.
  • Having a native guide take care of navigation is a huge help.
  • Amazing rock formations and beautiful landscapes await nature lovers.
  • Wonderful picture opportunities abound on this excursion.

How To Book This Tour?

Book your adventure here on Viator, the safest and most secure platform!

Pick-Up Details

On the Las Vegas Strip, we provide pickup service at every hotel and casino. Just provide us with information about your hotel. The meeting place is at the ride share or the BUS Shuttle. The pick-up begins at 7 a.m.

What To Expect?

There are routes and opportunities for trekking here. It is requested that you wear comfortable shoes and clothing. The ideal footwear for hiking is dedicated hiking shoes. Remember to put on some sunscreen. A hat and sunglasses are a fantastic idea. Let’s go do something fun and snap some photographs.

Tour Includes

  • Bottles of water.
  • Snacks.
  • Tips.

Why Choose This Tour?

Why To Choose The Valley Of Fire State Park Tour

Discover the various reasons why this fantastic tour stands out from the others while seeing the breathtaking scenery and hidden jewels of Valley of Fire State Park. This excursion is not to be missed!

First, this is a small group trip, so you will get a more private and individualized experience, which will enable you to completely immerse yourself in the natural splendor of the park. You will have more opportunities to connect with your expert guide and ask questions about the park’s history, geography, and wildlife if the group size is smaller. This trip assures that you won’t feel hurried or crowded at any point, allowing you the ability to explore at your own speed and truly experience the peacefulness of this natural beauty.

Second, this trip will take you away from the main paths so that you can discover the park’s best-kept secrets. Your tour guide will take you to parts of Valley of Fire State Park that are not as well known, and there, you will be able to see stunning panoramas, unusual rock formations, and ancient petroglyphs. These undiscovered treasures provide a feeling of seclusion and provide you the opportunity to avoid the throngs that are generally seen in the park’s more well-known regions. As you go into these less traveled regions, you’ll get the sensation of unearthing long-lost treasures, which will provide for an experience that is both absolutely unforgettable and genuine.

Best Time To Try This Valley Of Fire State Park Small Group Tour

If you want to go to Valley of Fire State Park when the weather is at its most pleasant, you should go in the spring or autumn, when temperatures are not too hot and the leaves are changing colors. Although the park is open throughout the year, if you wish to escape the searing heat of the summer months, it is recommended that you schedule your visit for the months of March to May or September to November.

As a result of the more tolerable temperatures, which range from the 70s to the 80s Fahrenheit, these times of the year are ideal for exploring the beautiful red sandstone formations and bright desert landscapes that can be seen inside the park.

An additional perk of going to the Valley of Fire State area in the spring or autumn is that you won’t have to deal with the throngs of people that visit the area in the height of the summer tourist season. Because there are fewer people in the park at any one time, you will have the opportunity to fully appreciate the park’s natural beauty in a setting that is more serene.

In addition, the pleasant weather makes it more pleasant for outdoor activities such as hiking, picnics, or just enjoying leisurely walks along the paths that wind through the park. The spring and autumn seasons provide the ideal circumstances for a trip to the Valley of Fire State Park, making them the finest times to go if you want to make the most of your time there regardless of whether you’re interested in nature, photography, or just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


In conclusion, if you are going to visit the Valley of Fire State Park from Las Vegas, you should really consider going on a tour with a small group.

This park provides visitors with a one-of-a-kind and beautiful experience because of the gorgeous red sandstone formations and ancient petroglyphs found there.

If you sign up for this trip, you’ll get to see the park with an expert guide who will inform you everything about the best places to see and make sure you don’t miss anything.

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