Things To Do In Attard: The Quiet Maltese Village

Welcome to Attard, a quiet Maltese village full of life and activity. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this quaint little town has something for everyone. From exploring stunning San Anton Gardens to taking a trip down memory lane at the Malta Railway Museum, Attard is sure to keep you entertained and inspired. Come explore the beauty and culture that this village has to offer – you won’t regret it!

San Anton Gardens

San Anton Gardens in Attard, Malta things to see and do

You’ll love strolling through the stunning San Anton Gardens, where you can take in the vibrant blooms and peaceful courtyard. This botanical garden has been open to the public since 1882 and is an ideal spot for a picnic or a leisurely walk. Here you can see many beautiful flowers, enjoy floral shows and competitions, or just relax in the tranquil atmosphere. It’s no wonder that this is one of the top things to do in Attard according to any travel guide! From here you can make your way to nearby San Anton Palace for more sightseeing opportunities.

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San Anton Palace

The gardens of San Anton of Attard in Malta

San Anton Palace is the stunning home of Malta’s President, having been built between 1623 and 1636 as a residence for Grand Master Antoine de Paule. As you stand in awe of its grandeur, it’s easy to imagine the history that has taken place within its walls. From the lavish parties thrown by Antoine de Paule to the current presidential receptions, San Anton Palace has seen centuries of Malta’s rich culture and tradition come alive. Its walls are steeped with stories from each era that have brought life to this beautiful building – a must-see for any visitor to Attard! Take some time to explore all parts of the palace grounds while immersing yourself in its captivating atmosphere. From winding garden paths to majestic sculptures, you will find something special at every turn. Admire the architecturally significant façade and don’t forget to take lots of pictures! Explore San Anton Palace for an unforgettable experience that will stay with you long after your visit ends.

As you leave this remarkable palace, be sure to make your way next door towards ‘the parish church’.

The Parish Church

The Parish Church, Malta

Take a step back in time and marvel at the stunning architecture of the 17th-century parish church of St. Mary, designed by Tumas Dingli. With its impressive Baroque façade and imposing bell tower, it’s no wonder this historic building is one of Attard’s most visited attractions. Inside you’ll find an array of breathtaking frescoes and sculptures from renowned Maltese artists, as well as detailed carvings that are sure to delight visitors. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful place to relax or an interesting cultural experience, this ancient church offers something for everyone. Explore its rich history and discover what makes this place so special – it will leave you captivated! From here, make your way to the nearby aqueduct where more wonders await.


Aqueduct in Malta, Built by Grand Master Wignacourt

Standing tall since 1610, the Attard Aqueduct is a breathtaking sight to behold. Built by Grand Master Wignacourt, it spans a total of sixteen kilometers and is an impressive feat of engineering even today. Exploring this towering aqueduct should be on your list while visiting the quaint village of Attard:

  • Take in the majestic views from atop the aqueduct
  • Get up close and personal with history as you wander through its cobbled paths
  • Learn about its construction and admire its craftsmanship
  • Admire how it has stood the test of time for over 400 years
  • Capture some amazing photos to share with friends and family

The aqueduct is a great spot to spend some quality time in nature or unravel Malta’s rich history – come visit soon! As you continue your journey through Attard, your next stop is Malta Railway Museum where you’ll discover even more interesting facts about this small country.

Malta Railway Museum

Explore the incredible engineering of Malta’s railway system at the Malta Railway Museum! Located in Attard, this museum is a must-see for anyone interested in learning about Malta’s past. It holds a wealth of historical artifacts, documents, and photographs related to the country’s railway system. The museum also has an impressive collection of model trains that let you experience what rail travel was like in decades gone by. You can even take an interactive tour that shows off some of the most impressive feats of engineering from the early 20th century. With its fascinating history and interesting displays, the Malta Railway Museum is sure to be a memorable experience for any traveler to Attard. Get ready to explore a piece of Maltese history – visit the Malta Railway Museum today!

From exploring history to experiencing nature, Ta’ Qali offers something for everyone. Take a stroll through its lush countryside and discover mesmerizing views – it’s no wonder it’s been called “the garden village”! Enjoy outdoor activities like cycling or rock climbing, or take part in one of their many festivals throughout the year. And don’t forget to check out its nearby attractions such as Mdina Cathedral or Hagar Qim Temples – all just a stone’s throw away from Ta’ Qali National Park!


Ta' Qali, National park in Attard, Malta

Soak in the stunning beauty of Ta’ Qali as you wander through its picturesque countryside, taking in the lush greenery and breathtaking views. From Malta’s National Stadium to Meridiana Vineyard, there are plenty of activities to enjoy here:

  • Explore the vibrant nightlife at one of the many pubs and bars around town
  • Take a tour of the historical Malta Railway Museum and learn about its fascinating past
  • Visit the craft shops for unique souvenirs from your trip

Immerse yourself in all that Ta’Qali has to offer. From its peaceful atmosphere to its plethora of attractions, it is a great place to truly appreciate Maltese culture. Next stop? Villa Bologna!

Villa Bologna

Villa Bologna, Attard, Malta

Explore the majestic Villa Bologna, a former prime minister’s residence with one of Malta’s largest private gardens. Walk through its breathtaking grounds and take in the sights that it has to offer. Step inside and marvel at the fascinating architecture, fine furniture, and artwork that make up this grand estate. This is an ideal place to explore for those seeking a tranquil retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its lush gardens, winding pathways, and inviting atmosphere, Villa Bologna provides visitors with ample opportunities for relaxation and exploration. From here you can easily access the nearby parish museum, where you will find further evidence of Attard’s rich history.

Where to Stay

  • Corinthia Palace Malta: Located in the heart of the island of Malta, Corinthia Palace Malta features an outdoor swimming pool, a wellness center, gym, and much more.
  • Villa Oasis, A modern stylish villa in Attard: Boasting a garden, a shared lounge, and a terrace, Villa Oasis, A modern stylish villa in Attard features accommodation in Attard with free WiFi and pool views.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other attractions are there nearby?

Explore the nearby towns of Balzan and Mosta to experience a variety of attractions. Head to Mdina, an old walled city, for a unique view of Malta. Wander through ancient churches, marvel at colorful markets, or take in the stunning views from the countryside hills. Experience freedom like never before!

What is the best time of year to visit Attard?

Experience Attard’s beauty year-round! Spring brings wildflowers, summer offers a chance to cool off with a refreshing swim, autumn sees the leaves turn golden, and winter is great for cozying up with hot chocolate. Visit anytime and be inspired by Malta’s quiet village charm.

How much time should I plan to spend in Attard?

Experience Attard’s quiet charm and plan to spend a few days exploring. Discover hidden gems around every corner, revel in the beauty of nature, and soak up the peaceful atmosphere. Be adventurous and enjoy your freedom!

Are there any special events or festivals in Attard?

Explore Attard and experience its special events! From traditional Maltese festivals to music concerts, there’s always something fun happening. Join the locals and make unforgettable memories!

Are there any restaurants or cafes in Attard?

Experience Attard’s culinary delights! From quaint cafes to traditional restaurants, you’ll find plenty of options. Relax and enjoy the local flavors in a peaceful atmosphere. Let yourself be inspired by the freedom that comes with exploring new tastes.


Attard is a hidden gem in Malta, and its many attractions are sure to take your breath away. From the majestic San Anton Gardens to the quaint Parish Church, there’s something for everyone here. Don’t forget the Aqueduct or the Malta Railway Museum, either. And if you really want to explore, don’t miss Ta’Qali and Villa Bologna! Finally, end your day at the Parish Museum for a glimpse into Attard’s history and culture. Whether you come alone or with friends, Attard has something special for everyone – come discover it today!

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