Milton city in Florida, where to stay and what to do

The city of Milton can be found in the western part of Florida, close to the city of Pensacola in the northeast.

Around 9,500 people called Milton home as of the most recent census. Its convenient location near the Gulf Coast and other points of interest, both manmade and natural, makes it an appealing spot to stay.

Some of the most spectacular beaches in the state are less than an hour’s drive from Fort Walton Beach, Destin, or Panama City, all of which are lovely coastal communities that are great for day trips.

Staying active shouldn’t be an issue, since nearby Alabama and Mississippi also have a wealth of urban and natural attractions.

Where to stay in Milton city Florida?

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What to do in Milton city Florida?

Milton city in Florida

Visit the Carpenter Park

Carpenter Park in Milton city, Florida, is unrivaled in terms of its accessibility, value, and variety of recreational opportunities.

It is conveniently located in the heart of the city at the intersection of Broad Street and Munson Highway, and it has several attractions that are sure to keep families entertained for hours.

Plenty of playground equipment is available for kids of varying ages, and there are boat ramps for fishermen and leisure boaters.

Parents will like the park’s compact size, which makes it easy to keep an eye on their children as they enjoy the playground equipment, drinking fountains, and facilities.

Try McKinley’s Sandwich Shop

Several parts of Florida are famed for their foreign fusion food and hip restaurants, but after a day of tourism, most locals would rather have something more traditional.

Most customers return to McKinley’s Sandwich Shop in Milton city Florida because of the generous servings, high quality of the products, and pleasant ambiance.

Sandwiches like grilled cheese, club, bacon, lettuce, and tomato (BLT) are always popular, but there are also many creative alternatives.

Their handcrafted cupcakes have a reputation for being out of this world, and their hot tea and soups are popular as well.

Go across Blackwater Heritage State Trail

Over nine miles of the Blackwater Heritage State Trail go through Milton and the adjacent communities and farmland. If you want to get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and get away from the crowds at the more popular tourist spots, this is the place to go.

The paved route is used by walkers, cyclists, and inline skaters, and it links up with other trail systems in the vicinity. It travels through a number of landscapes that give the impression of more isolation than they really provide.

The path is free to use and is accessible every day from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Try different activities at Coldwater Creek

The area surrounding Milton in central Florida is a paradise for nature lovers, with a variety of lakes and open natural areas.

The popularity of kayaking has increased in recent years, joining the ranks of other outdoor sports like golf, cycling, and hiking.

Over its approximately 20 miles of the unspoiled natural topography, Coldwater Creek offers consistently pure and refreshing water.

Much of the stream is just somewhat challenging to navigate, making it suitable for most generally fit people and children.

You can rent paddleboards and kayaks in town or at the park, and the best place to go out on the water is just off Tomahawk Landing Road.

Visit the West Florida Railroad Museum

Railroads have been crucial to the growth and prosperity of the Milton city area and the rest of central Florida because of the state’s long history as a major exporter of natural resources and agricultural goods.

The West Florida Railroad Museum is located in an old train station and is a popular destination for history fans and transportation enthusiasts on their travels across Florida.

The museum is only accessible on weekends from 10 AM to 3 PM, is free to enter, and accepts contributions.

Tours with a guide are possible, but reservations are required.

Visit the Gulf Islands National Seashore

While the Atlantic coast of Florida is where the majority of tourists visit, the Gulf section of the state has some of the most beautiful lengths of undeveloped beaches in the state.

More than half of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, which runs from Florida to Alabama and Mississippi, is located within a few minutes drive of Milton.

Gulf Breeze Parkway is the most traveled route in Gulf Breeze. Activities like going for a swim, sunning, fishing, diving, and collecting shells are common.

There’s no better site to see the sun go down, so plan your trip for the evening and bring your camera.

Wander around the Arcadia Mill Archaeological Site

The area currently known as the Arcadia Mill Archaeological Site was formerly home to a bustling settlement and a collection of tiny enterprises that relied on the nearby stream for their electricity.

The importance of the site wasn’t recognized until the 1960s, and since then it has been maintained to honor the region’s storied history, which includes skirmishes with Native Americans and engagements during the Civil War.

There are several historical markers along the pathways that link the various sections of the park.

There are also guided tours that may be arranged with sufficient notice.

Go to the Pensacola Blue Wahoos

In Florida, springtime is almost ideal. Big League Baseball teams from all over the nation flock to Florida as most of the Northeast and Midwest are still covered in snow and ice.

The Cincinnati Reds’ Minor League affiliate, the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, have called Blue Wahoo Stadium home for the past half decade.

During the Grapefruit League season, the stadium plays home to a number of away teams, providing a great opportunity for young fans to interact with professional athletes.

Visit the National Naval Aviation Museum

On Radford Boulevard at Naval Air Station Pensacola is where you’ll find the National Naval Aviation Museum. The museum prides itself on being the biggest of its kind anywhere in the world.

There are more than a hundred aircraft and spacecraft on display, from helicopters and jets to propeller planes used in defense and rescue missions.

The IMAX Theater is a famous attraction because it allows visitors to experience what it’s like to be seated into the cockpit of a Blue Angels F-18 fighter jet with startling realism.

Remember that you’ll need a picture ID to enter the base.

Explore Pensacola Museum of Commerce

The Pensacola Museum of Commerce is a famous tourist destination which can be found in a renovated business building from the turn of the 20th century on East Zaragoza Street.

There is a wide variety of interesting artifacts from the late 19th and early 20th centuries on display in the museum.

The museum is open every day of the week with the exception of Sunday, and it is just one of the numerous ancient structures that can be found in the region.

Most visitors spend one hour inside the museum, but those who are curious and have extra time may easily spend several more exploring the surrounding old buildings.

Pay a visit to Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum

During the 1850s, when most of the coastline was quite perilous and unexplored, construction began on the iconic Pensacola lighthouse.

It was originally a lighthouse aboard a ship, but it was moved on land. It continues to serve as a navigational aid for vessels entering and leaving Pensacola Harbor, the deepest port on the United States’ Gulf Coast.

Over 180 stairs lead to the top of the lighthouse, where visitors may take in breathtaking panoramas of the ocean, port, and Pensacola Naval Air Station.

The museum’s displays include a wide range of topics related to maritime history, including the Civil War and both economic and military uses of the sea.

Explore the Flags Speedway race track

Situated on Pine Forest Drive in Pensacola, the half-mile asphalt oval racecourse known as 5 Flags Speedway has been the site of several auto racing competitions since the 1950s.

The racing period at this facility, widely regarded as one of the country’s quickest short tracks, runs from March through October.

The snowball derby held at the track is also rather well-known. This 300-lap race attracts NASCAR drivers from all over the nation every December. It is known for having the fastest average speeds of any track of its kind in the nation.

Discover Fort Barrancas

During the Civil War, Fort Barrancas, which was constructed between the years 1830 and 1840, saw substantial use as a coastal defensive fortress.

Those who want to make the most of their short vacation time may visit the Gulf Islands National Seashore, which is located along Taylor Road in Pensacola, and enjoy a variety of historical, cultural, and recreational opportunities.

The tourist center in the fort is a great first stop because it provides detailed information on the attractions outside.

There are several historical markers dotted over the grounds and walkways that link the fort. Many guests choose to explore the park on their own, although ranger-led excursions are also offered.

Visit the Blackwater River State Park

Blackwater River State Park is a short drive from Milton, and for many tourists, visits to state and national parks are the highlights of their trips.

The Blackwater River is a favorite spot for fishermen and boaters, but the park has something for everyone who enjoys being outside and in nature.

Although the park itself doesn’t provide canoe and kayak rentals, there are plenty of local outfitters that do, and for surprisingly low rates.

There are roughly 30 camps in the park for people who want to spend the night beneath the stars among the park’s nearly 60 acres of varying scenery.

Don’t forget the Pensacola Museum of Art

The Pensacola Museum of Art is unlike any other art museum since it is located in the city’s abandoned prison from the early 1900s.

Visitors have been pleasantly pleased by the museum’s remarkable collection, which includes valuable pieces by art world giants such as Dali, Warhol, and Tiffany, despite the museum’s relatively modest size.

Works from all across the world, including important paintings, glassware, and sketches, are on display permanently at the museum. During the summer break from school, the team provides a variety of educational and instructional activities and programs for both adults and children.

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