Best 7 restaurants for vegetarian food in London

Is it vital to have the greatest vegetarian food restaurants in London?

Despite their uniqueness, vegetarian foods are now so popular that most London restaurants provide decent vegetarian selections, if not complete menus. Vegetarians may now lunch out with omnivorous pals more easily than ever before.

Its mainstreaming coincides with the fast increase of veganism, which leads to a sharp rise in vegan restaurants, which are not the same as vegetarian restaurants, frequently being more attuned to — or totally dominated by — contemporary meat-free trends.

These two factors explain why vegetarian restaurants are so significant. Secondly, popular restaurants may unintentionally utilize ingredients containing concealed meat or fish in recipes, such as animal rennet cheeses, gelatine, fat, chicken stock, fish sauce, and so on. Vegetable meals may even be cooked in the same pan as meat, as any vegetarian who has eaten chips that taste somewhat like chicken knows.

Moreover, while dining with vegetarians, other guests may unknowingly dip their forks and chopsticks into shared meals. Although omnivores may consume meat-free small dishes from a shared menu, vegetarians cannot, which can lead to embarrassing situations. Many vegetarians are turned off by vegan eateries’ processed nut cheeses, nondairy milks, egg replacements, and meat substitutes.

This means that our list of London’s greatest vegetarian restaurants focuses first and foremost on businesses that provide wonderful cuisine; even the ones that have “health” or sustainability at their core shine with superb cooking. Restaurants that specialize on a specific cuisine, on the other hand, have been purposefully excluded; otherwise, the list would be dominated by Indian restaurants and falafel outlets.

1: Mildreds

Mildreds is a well-known vegetarian restaurant in London that has been in operation for more than 30 years. Its nice and relaxed atmosphere has made it popular among vegetarians, vegans, and meat eaters alike.

The menu is entirely vegetarian, and many of the dishes may be turned vegan or gluten-free on request. The menu is diverse, offering everything from conventional comfort cuisine like mac and cheese to exotic delicacies like Sri Lankan curry. There are also many little meals and sharing platters, making it ideal for gatherings or a relaxed romantic evening.

Mildreds is known for its distinctive and quirky decor as well as excellent food. Each location has its own distinct identity, with vibrant colors, amusing artwork, and comfortable seating arrangements. The staff’s kindness and responsiveness put customers at ease.

Mildreds is an excellent choice for individuals looking for delicious vegetarian meals in London. With its pleasant atmosphere, diverse food, and inventive decor, it’s no surprise that it’s become a popular cornerstone of the London dining scene.

2: The Gate

The gate, one of the best resturants to try vegetarian food in London

The Gate is a well-known vegetarian restaurant in London that offers imaginative and one-of-a-kind vegetarian cuisine. The Gate, which debuted in 1989, has become a favorite among foodies and vegans alike.

The restaurant has a broad vegetarian menu with a focus on modern European and Middle Eastern cuisine. The menu is always evolving to include new culinary trends and practices, and it is prepared using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

Mezze platters, grilled halloumi, mushroom risotto, and seasonal vegetable tarts are among the vegetarian options on The Gate’s menu. There are also vegan and gluten-free options available. In addition, to complement the cuisine, the restaurant offers an incredible selection of cocktails, wines, and specialty beers.

The restaurant’s interior design is sleek and contemporary, with high ceilings, modern lighting, and an open kitchen. A terrific eating experience is created by the informal and friendly ambience, as well as the polite and responsive service.

The Gate has received several awards and accolades, including the PETA award for best vegan food and the Time Out Love London award for best vegetarian restaurant. It has also featured in publications such as The Guardian, BBC Good Food, and The Evening Standard.

The Gate is a must-visit vegetarian restaurant in London, offering a modern and refined approach to vegetarian cuisine, as well as a welcoming setting and exceptional service.

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3: Vanilla Black

For nearly a decade, Vanilla Black, a vegetarian and vegan restaurant in the heart of London, has served wonderful meat-free food. The restaurant is well-known for its innovative and inventive cuisine, which mixes locally produced, seasonal ingredients to create a unique and exquisite dining experience.

Vanilla Black’s menu is entirely vegetarian, including various vegan and gluten-free options. The meal is modern, well-presented, and tasty. Standouts include the tomato and coconut soup, butternut squash cannelloni, and beetroot and goat’s cheese terrine. In addition to the food, the restaurant offers an extensive wine list and creative cocktails.

The restaurant has a clean and contemporary design, with minimalist décor and an open kitchen. The relaxed and intimate atmosphere makes it suitable for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends.

Vanilla Black has received several awards and accolades, including three AA Rosettes, a Michelin Bib Gourmand, and a spot on the Guardian’s list of the Top 50 UK Restaurants. The restaurant has also been featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue, The Times, and BBC Good Food.

Overall, Vanilla Black is a must-visit in London for anybody looking for inventive and delicious vegetarian and vegan meals. The restaurant’s distinctive approach to meat-free food, along with its peaceful atmosphere and excellent service, ranks it among the city’s best vegetarian restaurants.

4: Tibits

Tibits resturant in London

Tibits is a prominent vegetarian and vegan restaurant with locations in Mayfair and Bankside. The restaurant is well-known for its innovative and contemporary approach to vegetarian cuisine, as well as its welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Tibits’ menu is fully vegetarian, with numerous vegan and gluten-free choices. The dishes are inspired by world cuisine, and there are enough of small plates and sharing platters to go around, making it a great location for gatherings or a casual date night. Standout dishes include the quinoa and avocado salad, pumpkin and lentil soup, and mushroom stroganoff.

One of Tibits’ unique characteristics is its self-service approach, which allows clients to create their own meals by picking from a large range of things served on a buffet-style bar. This invention not only allows for customization, but it also decreases food waste by allowing people to take just what they need.

The restaurant’s design is modern and sophisticated, with high ceilings, brilliant colors, and an outdoor terrace. The atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant, with communal tables and a bar area for socializing.

Tibits has received several accolades and awards, including the PETA award for best vegan buffet, the Time Out Love London award for best vegetarian restaurant, and a spot on the Evening Standard’s list of London’s Best Vegetarian Restaurants.

Tibits is a great option for individuals looking for decent vegetarian and vegan meals in London. The restaurant’s unique self-service style, extensive menu, and friendly atmosphere make it a must-visit for both vegetarians and meat eaters.

5: Farmacy

Farmacy is a popular vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Notting Hill. The restaurant has rapidly become a popular destination for vegetarians looking for fresh, nutritious, and creative dishes.

Farmacy’s cuisine is fully plant-based, with organic and locally sourced foods used wherever feasible. The recipes are influenced by international cuisine and emphasize the natural tastes of the ingredients. The Farmacy burger with quinoa and mushroom patties, the truffle mac ‘n’ cheese with cashew cheese, and the Asian-inspired dumplings are among the standouts.

The décor is clean and modern, with a floral motif that symbolizes the restaurant’s emphasis on natural products. Its welcoming ambiance is excellent for a relaxing lunch or supper.

Farmacy also provides a variety of juices, smoothies, and tonics created from fresh ingredients and intended to promote health and wellbeing. They also offer an on-site store where consumers may buy a variety of organic health goods.

Farmacy has won many honors and distinctions, including the Time Out Love London award for best vegetarian restaurant and the GQ Food & Drink award for best wellness restaurant.

Ultimately, Farmacy is a fantastic alternative for anybody in London searching for tasty, nutritious vegetarian and vegan meals. The restaurant’s use of organic and locally produced ingredients, as well as its unique cuisine and pleasant ambience, make it a must-visit for anybody interested in plant-based eating.

6: The Vurger Co

The Vurger Co is a vegan restaurant in London that opened in 2016. The restaurant’s emphasis is on offering amazing plant-based burgers, sides, and beverages. The Vurger Co is well-known for its high-quality ingredients, inventive recipes, and dedication to sustainability.

The Vurger Co’s menu includes a variety of innovative and delectable vegan burger alternatives, including the Traditional Vurger, which is created with a veggie patty, vegan cheese, and the restaurant’s distinctive sauce, as well as the BBQ pulled jackfruit burger. They also provide a variety of sides, including as sweet potato fries and mac ‘n’ cheese, as well as vegan milkshakes and soft beverages.

The Vurger Co’s dedication to sustainability is one of its distinguishing features. The restaurant employs only 100% biodegradable packaging and has a zero-waste policy, which means that all of their garbage is recycled or composted. They also utilize biodegradable cleaning solutions and acquire their materials from local vendors.

The décor of the restaurant is trendy and modern, with an industrial feel and abundance of natural light. The informal and welcoming ambiance makes it an ideal venue for a quick lunch or a quiet meal.

The Vurger Co has won various honors and recognitions, including the PETA award for best vegan burger and the VegfestUK award for best vegan burger.

The Vurger Co is an excellent alternative for anybody seeking tasty, sustainable, and inventive vegan cuisine in London. The restaurant’s dedication to high-quality products, creative cuisine, and environmentally responsible methods make it a must-visit for vegans and non-vegans alike who want to experience something new and delicious.

7: Wild Food Cafe

Wild Food Cafe

Wild Food Café is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant in the bustling Covent Garden district. The restaurant is well-known for its inventive plant-based cuisine, which emphasizes the use of locally produced, seasonal ingredients.

Wild Food Cafe’s menu contains a variety of meals that highlight the natural tastes and textures of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains. The jackfruit tacos, raw pizza, and mushroom and black bean burger are all standouts. The menu also includes fresh juices, smoothies, and tonics, as well as sweets such raw chocolate pie and coconut and mango panna cotta.

Wild Food Cafe’s décor is sleek and modern, with a light and airy environment. The restaurant also boasts a nice outside patio with views of Covent Garden’s busy streets.

Wild Food Café not only serves excellent cuisine, but it also hosts seminars and activities that encourage health and wellbeing. Plant-based cooking lessons, yoga and meditation seminars, and presentations on nutrition and sustainability are among the offerings.

The Time Out Love London award for best vegan restaurant and the Soil Association award for best organic restaurant have both been bestowed to Wild Food Café.

Wild Food Café is a must-see in London for anybody searching for unique and excellent plant-based food. The restaurant’s emphasis on locally produced, seasonal foods, as well as its devotion to health and wellbeing, making it an excellent option for vegans and non-vegans alike who want to try new and interesting sensations.


These are just a handful of the greatest vegetarian restaurants in London. There are plenty more good choices to consider, so don’t be scared to branch out!

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