Useful Tunisia words and phrases for your holiday

Three main languages are spoken in this multicultural nation in North Africa, with modern standard Arabic designated as the official language. You’ll also hear a lot of French and Darija, the particular dialect of Tunisia, but even Arabic-speaking tourists will have trouble understanding the words and phrases of this distinctive language. All of the cultures that have affected the nation’s language are represented in its vocabulary, including French, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, and Berber.

Most Tunisians are able to talk in the official language, which is written frequently in airports, stores, magazines, and on road signs. More than 60% of the population is fluent in the European language, French, which is taught in schools starting at the age of 8. Consequently, there are several French-language newspapers available throughout the nation. Here are some words you might want to practice if you’re traveling to Tunisia on vacation.

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