Top ways to look like a local when visiting Paris

If you’re planning a vacation to the City of Lights, whether for tourism, employment, or education, you should dress the part. Paris is the indisputable pantheon of the achingly trendy, enclave of taste and fashion with a distinct culture and etiquette that newcomers should respect. Those that go out of their way to seem and behave like a local will likely discover many intriguing doors open to them that would have been closed to them if they had stayed in tourist mode. If you want to know how to live and seem like a local in Paris, read our fast guide for some helpful hints.

How to look like a local Parisian:

Learn the language:

This one may seem to be vexing, but its significance cannot be overstated. Even learning a basic level of conversational French can go you far in Paris and vastly increase the quality of your interactions, particularly in the fashion business. Before you leave, you may simply get one-on-one French training to quickly understand the fundamentals of Parisian conversation. Learning online allows you to customize your experience to your knowledge level and choose between grammatical, conversational, and written French. It is well worth the time commitment since even a few phrases of French on the street may go a long way. Starting all of your talks in English, on the other hand, will not go over well with the locals.

French flag

Avoid the fashion faux pas

If you’re a serious fashionista who wants to appear the part, there are several cardinal sins of French fashion to avoid. For males, they are simple and low-effort: avoid wearing shorts in the city at all times. The only time this is allowed is when you are out running. To that end, gym attire and athleisure are not regarded as fashionable here, so don’t bring your Gymshark outfit unless you want to utilize the hotel gym. Also, don’t wear sandals for any reason – they’re strictly for the beach, and you’ll get some strange looks on the metro if you’re wearing Birkenstocks with socks. Additionally, reserve your large hoodies and sweatshirts for lounging at home. This is one of the important rules to look like a local in Paris.

Try to dress right

Now that we’ve covered the “don’ts” of French fashion, let’s move on to the “do’s.” Parisian fashion isn’t terribly hard; it’s all about figuring out which outfits suit your frame and body type and then working with that. As a result, it is critical to wear clothing that is well-fitted and flatters your figure. Choosing skin-tight or too baggy garments is not a nice appearance and will not be tolerated here. Well-fitted shirts are the holy grail of men’s fashion in this country, so start there. Jeans are good, but a quality pair of trousers can take you far. Polo shirts, fitting sweaters, and turtlenecks are also quite popular. Closed-toe shoes are the standard for all seasons, so try picking yourself some Oxfords or a pair of Tods. Sneakers are perfectly appropriate as long as they are clearly streetwear and not simply sports footwear.

Look great in Paris with suite

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