Hot Air Balloon In Luxor, Egypt, What To Know Before You Go

Do yourself a favor and arrange a hot air balloon trip if you’ve never done it before and you happen to be in Luxor, Egypt.

Envision leisurely soaring over the Valley of the Kings, ancient Egypt’s most revered burial site. As you drift lazily down the Nile at sunrise, you’ll pass across long-forgotten ruins and old temples.

Here, I’ll give you a rundown of everything you need to know to go on a balloon flight above Luxor. I’ll fill you in on the booking process, what to anticipate, and the top things to consider before you travel.

How To Book Your Hot Air Balloon Experience In Luxor?

Viator is a reputable online booking platform that makes it simple to reserve a hot air balloon ride above Luxor. Travelers will have no trouble finding the ideal adventure thanks to a variety of choices, affordable rates, and guaranteed quality. Customer feedback in the form of reviews and ratings is a great source of information, and Viator’s support staff is always ready to help. Viator makes it simple to make last-minute changes or cancel your Luxor hot air balloon trip.

Below are the most recommended experiences:

What To Expect From The Hot Air Balloon Experience in Luxor?

Hot Air Balloon In Luxor

Are you debating whether or not you should go on the hot air balloon ride in Luxor? Based on my knowledge, here is a brief summary of what you may anticipate.

Transfer From The Hotel

Booking your hot air balloon adventure with any travel agency or operator will include transportation from your accommodation. But you’ll need to get up bright and early!

We were up and out of the hotel at 4:00 AM after being up since 3:30 AM. Getting up early is required since the greatest excursion is flying at sunrise.

The luxurious Steigenberger Hotel on the Nile’s eastern bank was our home for the night in Luxor. All balloon rides take off from the western bank, close to the Valley of the Kings. For our initial transfer, we took a swift boat across the Nile. After that, we were picked up by a vehicle and driven to the launch site, which was around twenty minutes away from the Nile.

Safety Mesures

When you go to the launch location, you’ll see how many balloons are getting ready to take off. The balloons will flood the sandy valley with heated air from their massive fans.

The safety training is usually pretty simple and standard, which is good news if this is your first-time hot air ballooning. In truth, hot air ballooning isn’t much more than a simple kind of flight from the dawn of time.

Since this was my second time participating in this life-changing adventure, I was familiar with the process. I cast an eye toward the other people in my basket to see how many there were. They were all trying extremely hard to pay attention without dozing off, so they were yawning and pulling their eyebrows together.

During The Experience

I could see right away that the crews operating the hot air balloons in Luxor were highly trained professionals. Our balloon was in the air in a flash, and we quickly switched its basket to the vertical launch position.

By typical ballooning standards, our basket could hold about twenty people. Our pilot and tour guide took center stage in the center of the basket. Just like the ground crew, his extensive background was readily apparent. After the fact, he boasted that he had logged thousands of hours in commercial aviation.

We were in the air and hovering above the western bank of the Nile River in a matter of five minutes.

It might be hard to put into words, especially for first-timers. Instant weightlessness is the best I can do. It’s more like floating than being in an aircraft or helicopter. Hot air ballooning gives off an uncanny feeling as if the rules of gravity have been reversed.

Since the weather was so good, our pilot informed us that he would be increasing his altitude to 800 meters. The peak of our ascent coincided with the moment the sun arose in the east, flooding the valley with light and making the Nile River seem like a brilliant snake winding its way over the plains. As we looked down, we could see that light was beginning to filter through the overhangs of the old temple ruins and tomb entrances below us.

The ancient Egyptians’ legendary emphasis on the sun was well justified by this vantage point.

After The Experience

About an hour later, we were on the ground, not far from the Valley of the Kings. There was a pickup vehicle waiting to collect our ropes and bring us down securely even before we landed.

From there, we were picked up by the same van that had transported us to the launch site, and driven back to our respective hotels in time to have a delicious buffet breakfast.

In addition, as a souvenir of our incredible Luxor hot air balloon ride, we each received a signed flight certificate.

Top Thing To Know Before You Try The Hot Air Balloon Experience In Luxor

Hot Air Balloon In Luxor, temple

Hot Air Balloon Experience In Luxor Is Affordable

In case you missed it, I addressed this previously in the piece. Hot air ballooning in Luxor is really affordable. There are other well-known locations on the globe that cost twice as much. If this has been something you’ve always wanted to do, here is your chance!

Book Your Experience In Advance

Even though there are several balloon flights each day, it is in everyone’s best interest to only book with a trustworthy business.

Even though reserving anything only a day or two in advance is usually sufficient, I wouldn’t recommend leaving it until the last minute.

Better Try It In The Morning

The Valley of the Kings is a popular spot for afternoon hot air balloon rides.

However, you should start thinking about getting up early for this! The finest light is at sunrise, so that’s when you should go. The scenery is well worth the early wake-up call.

No Photography Is Permitted Inside The Balloons

The photography regulations in Egypt are stringent and frustrating, like most other aspects of life there. Taking pictures from the balloon is against the rules, and so is the use of big cameras.

However, concealing a camera inside was surprisingly simple. My guide suggested I slip in a GoPro but I came prepared with my complete camera bag. The original strategy was just to lock the suitcase inside the vehicle. Though I expected to be searched before boarding the balloon, no one even requested to see it.

I didn’t want to get in trouble with the launch site’s security, so I didn’t show off the camera before liftoff. Once we were in the air, though, I had no trouble shooting with my camera.

I can’t say for sure if my good fortune held, but repeating my actions would probably not be a good idea (don’t hold me responsible if you lose your camera).

The Scenery Is Incredible

I believe that hot air ballooning above Luxor is one of the world’s top activities because of the breathtaking scenery.

You may see a number of ancient structures and temples from above such as The King’s Valley, Colossi of Memnon, Valley of the Queens, and more.

Every Day, A Lot of Balloons Take Off

It shocked me how many hot air balloons take off from Luxor every morning. During my flight, I saw at least 15 balloons.

This is without a doubt one of the city’s most well-liked pastimes.

Experiences Will Be Canceled If The Weather Is Bad

Hot air balloons are not the safest way to travel by air. The fact is that flights will be canceled if there is a significant windstorm.

This is due to the fact that even a skilled pilot cannot predict with any certainty where his or her balloons will land. Natural wind currents are used as a compass during the whole process. Cancellations are made for everyone’s safety in the end.

Because of this, I suggest scheduling a balloon ride on the day you arrive in Luxor.

The Weather Can Get Cold Up There

Don’t be fooled by the hot noon heat. Those who have spent time in the desert would know that temperatures drop dramatically after dark!

Because the greatest Luxor hot air balloon rides take place around sunrise, the first 10 minutes or so might be cold. As a consequence, I suggest bringing at least a wind jacket with you.

The Hot Air Balloon Is Available All Year In Luxor

Luxor’s climate is unusually consistent, with little or no precipitation and consistent wind patterns. This is fantastic news for us since it means you may schedule your hot air balloon ride at any time of year, regardless of the weather.

It is important to remember, however, that the months of June through August represent Luxor’s busiest tourist season. This is the most popular time to come, so expect crowds.

Hot Air Balloons Experiences Are Safe In Good Weather

Finally, for those who are still on the fence about booking, hot air ballooning is really secure. Since 1988, visitors to Luxor have been able to take part in hot air balloon excursions.

The Egyptian government places a premium on air safety, therefore all licensed pilots are highly competent and trained professionals.

Where To Stay In Luxor, Egypt?

The city of Luxor, the former capital of the Egyptian empire, was dubbed “The City of a Thousand Gates” because of all the monuments and temples that can be found there.

The city’s main sights, such as the Luxor and Karnak temples, may be found on the eastern side of the Nile. There are a number of excellent hotels on the west bank, accessible by a quick and inexpensive boat ride.

Luxury hotels in Luxor:

  • Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa: It is located on the banks of the Nile, and has chic accommodations with direct river access, a world-class spa, and breathtaking infinity pools. The Hilton Luxor Resort is known for its peaceful atmosphere and kind staff. Guests may choose from a variety of lodging types, from standard Hiltons to deluxe suites with Nile views. At the Spa, you may get a variety of holistic therapies. Two stunning infinity pools and relaxing cabanas await guests at this Nile-side resort.
  • Steigenberger Nile Palace Luxor – Convention Center: This luxurious Steigenberger hotel on the banks of the Nile is conveniently located in the middle of Luxor. There is air conditioning and satellite television in the comfortable rooms. All are spacious and several include balconies and windows. The Nile Palace Luxor Hotel is situated within easy walking distance of Luxor’s bustling commercial sector. The distance to the Temple of Luxor is one kilometer.
  • Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor: This luxurious hotel is a beautiful representation of Victorian architecture and is conveniently located near Luxor Temple. Over the years, the Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor has played home to many famous people, including kings and queens. The inside has sweeping stairways, towering ceilings, and plush seating spaces decorated with fresh flowers.

Affordable hotels in Luxor:

  • Iberotel Luxor: This luxurious 4-star hotel is notable for its floating, heated pool on the Nile. The Iberotel Luxor has accommodations with rooftop terraces and a restaurant on a boat, and it looks out over the Theben Hills. Cereals, yogurt, omelets, grilled veggies, and fresh Danish pastries are all part of the extensive breakfast spread. Enjoy the Nile while dining on authentic Egyptian, Mediterranean, and Asian dishes.
  • Nefertiti Hotel Luxor: Nefertiti has spacious rooms with air conditioning and private bathrooms, and each room has a view of the historic Luxor Temple. The train station in Luxor may be reached in about ten minutes on foot. Nefertiti’s quarters are decorated with understated simplicity. There are rooms available with their own balcony. The tour desk of the Nefertiti provides a variety of Nile River cruises and Luxor sightseeing options. There is a helpful front desk staff available at all hours.
  • Rezeiky Hotel & Camp: The centrally located, pet-friendly Rezeiky Hotel and Campsite offers complimentary breakfast and is just five kilometers from the airport in Luxor City. The hotel is well situated between the two major temples of Luxor, Luxor, and Karnak, and is just a short distance away from the commercial center of Luxor. The property is located within a 2-minute stroll of both the Nile River and Sphinx Avenue. It has contemporary rooms that look out onto a spacious garden and two outdoor pools.

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