Gulf Breeze gem in Florida

According to the National Community Survey conducted by the National Research Center in 2021, Gulf Breeze, Florida, has the greatest standard of living of any community in the United States.

It is the wealthiest suburb in Pensacola and a thriving bedroom neighborhood.

For these and other reasons, Gulf Breeze is an ideal spot to call home and a must-see destination for every vacation.

Get some rays, surf the waves, and see some wild creatures by traveling to Gulf Breeze. The area is also suitable for snorkeling.

If you’re planning a trip, you shouldn’t miss the Gulf Islands National Seashore, where you can relax on the beach, and the Gulf Breeze Zoo, where you can view hundreds of species.

Where to stay in Gulf Breeze Florida?

Florida’s Gulf Breeze is a picturesque beach town with accommodations ranging from five-star resorts to more modest motels. Visitors can take in breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico while enjoying a beachside vacation by the water. Gulf Breeze is home to several great hotels, many of which include convenient locations near popular landmarks, dining options, and retail establishments. Check the availability on Booking here:


Weather in Gulf Breeze Florida

It is damp and partially overcast in Gulf Breeze all year long, and the summers are long, hot, and unpleasant. The winters are short, chilly, and windy. The annual average temperature is about 46°F and seldom drops below 32°F or rises over 93°F.

The ideal time to visit Gulf Breeze for pleasant activities is between the months of April and May, and between the months of September and November.

The hot season begins on May 23 and continues until September 28 with daily highs over 84 degrees Fahrenheit on average. July is the warmest month in Gulf Breeze, with an average score of 89 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 76.

During the chilly season, which runs from December 3rd to March 2nd, daily highs are often below 67 degrees Fahrenheit. January in Gulf Breeze has an average low of 46 degrees Fahrenheit and an average high of 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

What to do in Gulf Breeze?

Visit Fort Pickens and get some local knowledge

fort pickens, Gulf Breeze

Fort Pickens is a must-see on any trip to the Gulf Islands National Seashore. To protect Pensacola Bay and the Pensacola Naval Yard, it was constructed as a fort.

Similarly, Fort Pickens is one of the numerous forts constructed along Florida’s 3,500-mile coastline beginning in 1816 at the behest of the United States government.

Fort Pickens is now an emblem of American patriotism and the government’s dedication to defending democracy. It’s also a great area to go on adventures and see exotic animals.

Take the children to Fast Eddie’s Fun Center

Take the kids to Fast Eddie’s Fun Center for an energetic and entertaining day of go-kart racing.

There are four tracks in the center where the children can race against one other or against you.  Similarly, they offer a Crazy Eight ride that includes a bridge and several tight curves.

For an exciting slide experience, try the Spinnin’ and Grinnin’ ride.  Junior Racers is the perfect place to take your toddlers. A double-ride go-kart would be perfect for you and your guest.

The Fast Eddies Superkart Track has electronic scoring and timekeeping, making it perfect for competitive youngsters aged 16 and older.

Visit the Gulf Islands National Seashore for some sea time

To get the most out of your time in Gulf Breeze, make the Gulf Islands National Seashore one of your first destinations.

If you’re in the mood for adventure, you can go snorkeling in the open sea. If you’d rather unwind, you could always go fishing.

However, if you prefer dry ground, there are trails you may go around the property that may provide opportunities to see native flora and fauna.  The gopher tortoise and approximately 300 different kinds of birds call that area home.  Sand dollars, starfish, and crabs may all be seen if you take a deep dive.

In a similar vein, you may see pods of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins swimming alongside your kayak in the open ocean.

Relax on the Sands of Deadman’s Island’s private beach

Snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, and camping are all excellent options for things to do on Deadman’s Island.  Yet, the island is most renowned for its secluded beaches, which can be enjoyed by anybody.

Because of its inaccessibility by land, this island sees very few visitors.  In reality, only a select few Highpoint Drive homeowners have direct access to this location. If you can make it there, you can witness a rare environment of undeveloped bayous and salt marshes along the shore.

The local oyster population has grown as a result of successful attempts to restore the natural oyster habitat.

Stop by the Gulf Breeze Zoo to see some animals

Gulf Breeze zoo

More than 850 animals from all over the globe can be found in the Gulf Breeze Zoo, which spans 50 acres.

If you don’t check it out, you’ll be missing out on the area’s biggest wildlife attraction.

Around 137 different types of birds, reptiles, and animals may be seen throughout your trip.

Take a look to see the many monkeys, birds, large cats, tortoises, and kangaroos that inhabit the area.

The zoo’s Safari Line Limited train provides an up-close look at the park’s larger animals.

Ride among herds of free-roaming animals on the plain after seeing gorillas and hippos in their natural environment.  After that, you can prepare food for the llamas, goats, pigs, parrots, and sheep.

Visit Rollins Distillery 

Rollins Distillery, the region’s only legal still, is run by father-and-son team Paul and Patrick Rollins.

Paul and Patrick are kindred spirits in that they both have an insatiable appetite for distilling and a natural talent for making spirits.

They had only ever imagined themselves in charge of their own distillery before launching the business. They have now achieved all their goals together.

The Rollins Distillery uses the same care and attention to detail to produce spirits for even the most demanding customers. In addition, each batch is distilled by hand. They always use the finest, freshest ingredients to ensure consistent quality in their beverages.

Discover and appreciate their extensive cocktail menu, which includes everything from vodka to rum.

Visit the Navy Live Oaks Natural Preserve to get in touch with nature

The Gulf Islands National Seashore, which stretches along the shores of Florida and Mississippi, includes this preserve as part of its huge 135,000-acre expanse.  But, it in no way diminishes the value of a trip to the Navy Live Oaks Natural Preserve.  This is a great spot to stay if you’re interested in nature and history.

John Quincy Adams, then-president, and the secretary of the Navy designated the land in 1828 as a Navy Live Oak Reserve.

During the War of 1812, these oaks played a crucial role in the survival of the USS Constitution during ferocious combat against the HMS Guerriere. Have a picnic in the shade of the pavilion or at one of the other outdoor tables.

The preserve has a youth group campsite that is accessible for scheduled camping excursions.

Experience nature while hiking the Gulf Breeze Parkway Trail

If you’re looking for some excitement in the Florida Panhandle, get on your bike or simply hit the pavement along the Gulf Breeze Parkway Trail.

Thus, if you want to travel this route without interacting with vehicles and trucks, you may want to check out this path. Beautiful beaches and thriving coastal towns can be found all along the route.

The route takes you through some beautiful Florida forests if you’re looking for some shade. Take your camera along so you can snap some stunning images of the outdoors.

Visit Opal Beach, the region’s undiscovered treasure in Northwest Florida

The sands in Northwest Florida were obliterated by Hurricane Opal in 1995, and the resulting beach was as smooth and white as sugar.  There are a variety of conveniences available, such as an outdoor shower and a picnic area.

Similarly, you can go out on a boat and fish, or you can trek along the dunes and look for natural fauna like birds. Some fascinating marine life is also visible.

Stop by the Pensacola Beach Sign and snap a picture

The Pensacola Beach Sign is a popular tourist attraction and photo op location near Gulf Breeze. In 1960, Lamar Advertising erected the sign.

Under this vibrant sign, which features a sailfish with orange, yellow, and green fins, you may relive the brash style of the 1960s.

The sign advertises the “World’s Whitest Beaches” and directs drivers to the picturesque road that runs east along the Gulf of Mexico.

Visit the National Cemetery in Barrancas to honor those who passed away

The National Parks Service maintains a number of cemeteries around the United States that honor those who died during the Civil War.

These locations, in addition to museums, may be explored by anyone interested in learning more about the Civil War.

The entrance to Pensacola Bay, one of the greatest natural harbors in the Gulf of Mexico, was protected by 3 forts in the nineteenth century.

During the Civil War, these forts were used as battlefields. This cemetery is home to the graves of around 36,000 servicemen and women. The Medal of Honor was awarded to some of the slain troops. A separate area of the cemetery is set aside for the burial of troops from the 1800s.

More than 50 years before the national cemetery was established, this part was already in use.

Dive into the water with Bay Breeze Diving Center

The Bay Breeze Dive Center is a convenient place to do underwater diving or snorkeling. It’s the only diving shop in Santa Rosa County with a private entrance to the water. Furthermore, about 150 yards from the store’s entrance is a boat ramp.

Just a few yards separate the diving shop from the water’s edge. You can make use of the diving shop’s boat charter services to visit the best local dive sites.

Explore Another Fortification at Fort McRee

The US government constructed several forts over extensive stretches of coastline in an attempt to bolster fortifications.  It’s the same in Pensacola Bay.  Fort Pickens is one of these forts, along with Fort McRee and Fort Barrancas.  The Gulf Islands National Park is home to both Fort Pickens and Fort McRee.

Fort McRee was started in 1834 and given the name for Brevet Colonel William McRee, who fought in the War of 1812. The fort was completed five years later.

Fort McRee was one of three forts that protected Pensacola Bay and the Pensacola Naval Yard from assault. The others were Fort Pickens and Fort Barrancas.

Visit the Sunny Days Art Studio to express your creative side

The year 2019 saw the opening of a brand new and exciting community resource: Sunny Days Family Art Studio. The pottery studio is a wonderful location for family outings. Choose your product and modify it by adding one of more than a hundred different colors. After you’re done decorating, they’ll fire it in their kiln to give it a beautiful gloss.

Sunny Days Family Art Studio hosts pottery parties, which are a great opportunity to be creative with your pals. For your paint-and-sip party, team-building event, or school field trip, you may reserve the full studio.

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