2 days desert tour in Tunisia from Djerba

In this 2 days desert tour in Tunisia from Djerba, here is what to expect.

  • Visit three deserts in two days: “Les Chotts” or the salty lake, “Le Reg” or the stone desert, and “Erg” or the Sahara sand desert.
  • Meet two Berber tribes known for their Ksours and granaries.
  • The experience of soaking in a hot spring in the midst of the desert.
  • Option of quad or camel rides in the expansive sand dunes.
  • Take in a breathtaking sunset in the heart of the desert.
  • Explore a troglodyte abode.
  • Private tour, at your own discretion and at your own speed.
  • Take the exit that is distant from the main path and the majority of the people.
  • The opportunity to tailor some portions of the trip to your needs.
  • Accompanying by a driver and a guide who have been vetted and authorized by the Tunisian Tourist Office.

How to book this 2 days desert tour in Tunisia?

You can book this tour on Viator, it is a safe and secure platform:

Tour information

Departure time: 8 am.

Departure location: we will pick you up from wherever you are in Djerba or Zarzis. Other locations of departure may entail extra charges.

Itinerary of the 2 days desert tour in Tunisia

Sebkhet el Melah

A pause for coffee at Sabkhet El Melah, also called the salt lake of Chahbania. At this point in the journey, your tour guide will go over the itinerary, the sights to see, and offer you some time to snap pictures.

30 min • No Cost To Enter

Tataouine city

We’ll make a pit stop at Tataouine, where you can explore the town’s famous Souk at your own pace. Don’t leave town without trying some authentic “cornes de Gazelle” from a local pastry business.

45 min • No Cost To Enter

Chenni village

Upon arrival at the Berber town of Chenini, you will be scheduled for a tour around the village’s historic district. With the help of a local guide, you’ll get to see every part of the hamlet. This includes the mosque, the homes cut into the side of the mountain, the attic, and more.

50 min • No Cost To Enter

The Ksar of Ghillane

You can enjoy a dip in the natural hot spring (consistently about 25 degrees Fahrenheit) whenever you choose when we get there.

Riding a camel over the Sahara’s sand dunes is a real option also (not included, you will pay them by yourself if you want to ride them).

The enormous Saharan sand dunes can be explored on quad bikes, and the famed Tisavar fort can be found in their midst (not included as well).

Enjoy the orange hues of the setting sun over the sand dunes. You won’t have another chance like this.

The next step is camping-site tent installation. Soak in the shower and get dressed for the evening’s festivities and dinner. Seize the opportunity to see the campfire baking of sand bread (bread cooked beneath the sand and the flames).

At the camp, we will have dinner and spend the night. In the hours after meals, you are free to do anything you choose, whether it be sleeping, reading, stargazing, etc.

The last stop on the Ksar is a trip to a second hot spring about 23 kilometers from the oasis. The temperature of this source is around 40 degrees.

14 h, 50 min • No Cost To Enter

Tamezrat village

Our visit in Tamazrat will be a brief one at a local café for some necessary repairs (toilets). In addition to its stunning vantage point over the medieval hamlet, this cafe serves you a good cup of Rosemary and almond tea. A multi-tasking coffee break, picture op, and tech talk all in one!

30 min • No Cost To Enter

Casas Trogloditas de Matmata

A trip to see some Berber cave dwellers. Good tea will be waiting for us when we arrive, along with olive oil, honey, and fresh handmade bread (Berber welcome). You can go there, shoot pictures, and find out more about the Berbers in your spare time. Please consider leaving a little gratuity for the staff as you leave. Next is a trip to Matmata’s Sidi Idriss hotel. A few Star Wars sequences were shot in this troglodyte hotel.

1 h • No Cost To Enter

Escale de Toujane

We will take a moment to capture a panoramic image of the lovely Berber hamlet of Toujane.

5 min • No Cost To Enter

Metameur village

A stop to visit the Ksar of Metameur: a common granary used to store the harvest, grains, and so on.

15 min • No Cost To Enter

Tour includes

  • Dinner, breakfast, and lunch.
  • Private car.
  • A certified guide and driver from the Tunisian authorities.
  • Fees for admission to Matmata’s Sidi Idriss Hotel.

Tour excludes

  • Cash tips.
  • Dromedary and Quad – Extra costs.
  • Personal costs and beverages.

Additional information

  • When you book, you will get confirmation.
  • The car is not wheelchair accessible.
  • Accessible for strollers
  • There are kids’ seats available.

Detailed Refund Policy

  • You must cancel at least 24 hours before the start time of the tour to receive a full money back.
  • If you cancel less than 24 hours before the start time of the tour, you will not be given a refund.
  • Any adjustments introduced less than 24 hours before the start time of the tour will not be accepted.
  • The cut-off times are determined by the experience’s local time.
  • This experience is weather dependent. If it is canceled due to inclement weatgmaher, you will be given a different date or a money-back.

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