2 days desert tour in Tunisia from Djerba

In this 2 days desert tour in Tunisia from Djerba, here is what to expect.

  • Visit three deserts in two days: “Les Chotts” or the salty lake, “Le Reg” or the stone desert, and “Erg” or the Sahara sand desert.
  • Meet two Berber tribes known for their Ksours and granaries.
  • The experience of soaking in a hot spring in the midst of the desert.
  • Option of quad or camel rides in the expansive sand dunes.
  • Take in a breathtaking sunset in the heart of the desert.
  • Explore a troglodyte abode.
  • Private tour, at your own discretion and at your own speed.
  • Take the exit that is distant from the main path and the majority of the people.
  • The opportunity to tailor some portions of the trip to your needs.
  • Accompanying by a driver and a guide who have been vetted and authorized by the Tunisian Tourist Office.

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