THE BEST 10 hookah bars in Istanbul Turkey

In this article, you will find the best 10 hookah bars in Istanbul. When we speak about hookah or shisha, individuals who like it think of nice conversations, excellent relationships, tranquillity, and smells. There are numerous locations in Istanbul with wonderful hookah, friendly chat owners, and waiters that provide excellent service. Hookahs with a thousand tobacco and set varieties may accommodate all tastes. Here are the top 10 hookah lounges in Turkey, Istanbul.


O2 CAFE & SHISHA in istanbul turkey

02 Shisha, which eliminates the need for hookah in Western Ataşehir, gives guests an Azeri experience via the tobacco they smoke. Traditional smoking heads are also employed in the natural smoking pipes and hookahs available. Azerbaijani kitchens include Gixom, Buta, Premium Sherbetli, and Al Fakher. Hookahs supplied with authentic goods provide an average of 1.5 – 2 hours of enjoyment. Its supporters propose that Chef Vasf’s advice be followed.

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02. Araf Coffe LAB

Araf Coffe LAB, one of the best shisha places in istanbul, turkey

Hookahs in the premium class are supplied in sets that have established themselves in the European market, such as Mr. Wood or Egyptian type. The Egyptian usually leaves the drinker exhausted. Araf’s particular manufacturing equipment, highly processed diffusers, and discharge sites are among the highlights of the area, which is located in Istanbul’s Fatih neighborhood.

03. Ajjna

Ajjna shisha bar in turkey

Etiler, the location regarded to raise hookah expectations in Istanbul, provides an intriguing approach. In Ajjna, there are two kinds of hookah. Hookah with stimulation and a bespoke corn kit. The hookahs, which are served in custom-built phunnel nozzles and shelters, are produced using Ajjna-specific mixtures of first-rate Virginia tobacco. Hookah is served in natural heads in Egyptian setups.

04. kır kahvesi cafe & restaurant

Premium tobacco is in the kitchen of the Bayrampaşa legend, with over fifty shisha combinations for every taste. The blending of Premium tobacco by taking chances is the most crucial trait that separates the establishment from others. There are premium tobacco brands such as Fumari, Starbuzz, trifecta, chaos, Tangiers, neway, and dark side. Kir Kahvesi has coconut coals, so you can enjoy hookah without getting a headache.

05. Lale Devri Shisha Lounge

This hookah lounge is located in the Mall of Istanbul Shopping and Life Center and is celebrating the “Tulip Era”. This restaurant offers dishes to satisfy all preferences. The menu of Lale Devri Cafe is wide, which confuses the variety of tobacco and hookah setups. Custom manufactured classic Ottoman, tabletop glass, Egyptian, Azerbaijani, and steel hookah tools. The Tulip Era (Lale Devri), one of Istanbul’s few venues with outstanding service, highly recommends the Starbuzz citrus mist – lemon – blackberry blend.

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06. Kalyan Lounge – Hyatt Regency

Kalyan Lounge shisha in istanbul turkey

Kalyan Lounge has significantly raised hookah expectations in Turkey; well-known servers with pleasant and skilled personalities serve. The Gentleman of Hookah is situated in three of Istanbul’s most fashionable hotels: the Hyatt Regency, the Raffles Hotel (Zorlu Center), and the Swiss Hotel Bosphorus. Meduse hookahs are in the forefront of the place, which maintains the same service standards and culture in all locations. This location also has Azeri and Egyptian sets. It is suggested that you try the “Meduse hookah,” which is enchanted with fruit decorations, at least once.

07. Sky Lounge Hookah

Sky Lounge Hookah in turkey istanbul

The establishment gives the enjoyment of hookah in a tranquil setting, serving in Istanbul’s Topkapi area. Sky Lounge hookahs are available in Premium, Azure, Social, Al Fakher, and Nakla tobaccos. Sky Bowl favors RV Bowl in the nozzle and Mr. Wood in the settings. In 15-20 minute intervals, the Kefo Gold series is switched to the embers.

08. Tosun Pasa Payitaht

Tosun Pasha Payitaht Nargile offers a highly rich menu that caters to individuals who come for tobacco variety. This location sells Nakhla Al Fakher, Starbuzz Argelini, and Bahraini types, as well as secondhand Izmir coffee house sets. This location, which offers particular combinations, is intended to provide 1.5 – 2 hours of hookah enjoyment with oak charcoal. Tosunpaşa Payitaht Hookah, which offers natural hookah variations, is situated in the Ataşehir area of Yeditepe University.

09. Tophane Hookahs

Tophane is well-known for its hookahs and is one of Istanbul’s greatest hookah spots. Serving for years without compromising the notion of excellent flames and good tobacco, the establishments are well-known for their high-quality materials, traditional décor, welcoming ambience, recliners especially for hookah enthusiasts, and cats lounging next to you. Tophane is a must-visit for every hookah enthusiast in Istanbul. Special combinations developed in certain locations are highly recommended.

10. Maranta Gusto Bakırköy

Maranta Gusto shisha resturant in Istanbul, turkey

Maranta Gusto, situated in Istanbul’s Yeşilköy area and favoured by those seeking a bit more quality than other tiny hookah locations, is the kind that will live on in people’s memories. The hookahs’ excellent tobacco and specific mixes, supplied in glass hookah tubes, are mesmerizing. Maranta Gusto is a must-visit for hookah enthusiasts in Yeşilköy.

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