Private tour from Amman: Jerash, Ajloun Castle Or Umm Qais

This article provides an overview of three private tour options in and around Amman, Jordan – Jerash, Ajloun Castle, and Umm Qais. All the tours provide visitors to the region with a unique insight into the rich history and culture that have made this part of the world so iconic. Through these excursions, tourists can explore ancient ruins, stunning castles, and breathtaking views for a truly unforgettable experience.

This tour also offers travelers a chance to escape from their daily routines by exploring far-reaching corners of the globe. In addition to providing memorable experiences, each destination has its own story to tell about how it came to be; stories which could only be discovered through visiting them firsthand. The excitement of adventure awaits those who choose one (or more) of these exclusive tours in Amman!

Overview Of The Tour

Jordan offers a unique opportunity to explore some of the country’s most iconic cultural sites and gain insights into its fascinating history. This private tour from Amman takes visitors on an unforgettable journey through Jerash, Ajloun Castle, and Umm Qais, allowing them to experience authentic Jordanian cuisine and culture exchange with local knowledge. The tour also allows for shopping opportunities along the way so travelers can bring back souvenirs or gifts for family members at home.

In Jerash, visitors will be able to enter the city’s ancient ruins—a site that was only rediscovered in 1806 after being buried under sand for centuries. They will have access to archaeological finds as well as other monuments such as temples, theaters, plazas, churches and more. In addition to this historical insight, they will also find plenty of traditional Jordanian restaurants offering delicious dishes made with fresh ingredients.

At Ajloun Castle and Umm Qais visitors can soak up views across three countries while learning about Jordan’s medieval past—the castle is 250 years old! As they roam the grounds they may even come upon hidden treasures like antique coins or pottery shards left over from previous inhabitants. At both locations there are nearby stores selling goods crafted by locals, providing shoppers with one-of-a-kind items that cannot be found anywhere else.

This private tour provides travelers with an extraordinary opportunity to immerse themselves in Jordanian culture through visits to these remarkable sites and engaging activities such as sampling local cuisine and shopping for trinkets created by artisans living in the area. With each stop comes a chance to discover something new and unexpected; it truly is a journey filled with exploration and discovery!

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Departure From Amman

Amman to Jerash, Ajloun Castle, or Umm Qais Private Tour

A private tour of Jerash, Ajloun Castle or Umm Qais from Amman is a great way to explore this region. To get the most out of the experience, it’s important to plan and prepare for departure in advance. Here are some tips to help with planning:

  • Choosing Transportation: When deciding on transportation, there are several factors to consider such as cost and convenience. One option could be renting a car while another could be taking public transport like buses and taxis available in Amman.
  • Packing Essentials: It is essential that you carry all necessary documents including valid ID proofs, medical supplies if needed and items required for travel comfort such as extra clothes and toiletries.
  • Finding Accommodations & Booking Tickets: Once transportation has been chosen, one needs to look for accommodations near the desired destination — whether it’s camping sites or hotels — and book tickets accordingly.

It goes without saying that these steps should be taken care of prior to embarking on any journey so your trip will go smoothly and stress-free when it comes time to depart!

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Visit To Jerash

Jerash, located in the north of Jordan’s capital city Amman, is a popular tourist destination due to its local history and archaeological sites. This ancient city was once known as Gerasa in antiquity and is renowned for its well-preserved ruins that date back to the Greco-Roman period. Visitors are able to explore this rich cultural heritage through visiting various monuments from different historical periods such as religious sites, public squares, theaters, temples and more.

Local HistoryAncient RuinsArchaeological Sites
Roman EmpireHadrian’s ArchTemple of Artemis
Byzantine EraThe Oval PlazaNorth Propylaeum
Islamic PeriodHippodrome ArenaColonnaded Street
Ottoman RuleNymphaeumSouth Theater

The best way to experience Jerash’s historic charm first hand is by exploring several places within the old city walls like Hadrian’s Arch or the Oval Plaza. Moreover, visitors can marvel at breathtaking sights such as the Nymphaeum or admire architectural structures built during the Roman Empire like the North Propylaeum or Temple of Artemis. The hippodrome arena and colonnaded street provide further insight into how life looked during the Byzantine era while reminders of Ottoman rule remain evident throughout this majestic place.

Visiting Jerash offers an unforgettable experience full of culture and exploration with countless opportunities to uncover stories of centuries past. Whether it be learning about local history, admiring ancient ruins or discovering hidden archaeological sites, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

Tour Of Ajloun Castle

Ajloun Castle private tour from Amman

Located in Northern Jordan, Ajloun Castle has long been a symbol of the country’s cultural significance and historical context. An archaeological wonder built by Izz-al Din Usama bin Munqidh during the 12th century CE, this castle stands out for its unique architecture as well as its natural beauty.

The structure itself is an example of early military architecture, designed to withstand any attack with its thick walls and arrow slits providing defense from enemies. Inside the castle, visitors can explore the underground tunnel networks that were used centuries ago to store weapons and supplies. The courtyard offers stunning views all around, and provides a great location to relax and take in the natural environment surrounding it.

Ajloun Castle is a perfect representation of Jordanian history, culture, and tradition – something any visitor should experience firsthand when visiting Amman. Its rich history combined with its archaeological discoveries make it a must-see destination on anyone’s journey through Jordan.

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Exploration Of Umm Qais

Umm Qais is a town in the northwest of Jordan with significant cultural heritage, renowned for its local cuisine and ancient ruins. Situated atop hills overlooking the Sea of Galilee, it offers visitors an opportunity to experience natural beauty as well as sustainable tourism.

Cultural HeritageUmm Qais has a rich history that dates back to Roman times. The city was once known as “Gadara” and was home to some influential philosophers during this period. Local museums showcase artifacts from various eras including the Ottoman Empire.
Local CuisineThe traditional food of Umm Qais is characterized by fragrant spices and flavorful ingredients such as lamb, olives, olive oil, rice, and fresh vegetables. Pita bread is served warm with nearly all meals while sweet desserts are also popularly enjoyed after dinner.
Sustainable TourismVisitors can explore nearby archaeological sites or take part in activities like biking, hiking, or horseback riding along trails leading around Umm Qais’ scenic hillsides. Additionally, numerous eco-friendly initiatives have been implemented here such as solar power panels on buildings and waste management programs which help promote sustainability within the area’s environment.
Ancient RuinsExploring Umm Qais’ ancient ruins is one of its most rewarding experiences; tourists can visit sites like Gadara Theater which were built over two thousand years ago! Other attractions include remains from churches that date back centuries and hilltop landmarks that offer stunning views of both Lake Tiberias and Golan Heights below them.
Natural BeautyWhile visiting Umm Qais, discovering its natural beauty should not be missed; unspoiled landscapes filled with flowers in bloom await travelers who seek out untouched nature spots away from urban development. In addition to breathtaking scenery throughout the region’s rolling hillsides and valleys, visitors may find themselves mesmerized by star-filled night skies above them when they venture outdoors at nightfall too!

The vibrant culture found here captivates those who come seeking adventure with its unique blend of historical architecture intertwined with modern day amenities – there truly is something for everyone whether looking for relaxation or exploration alike! With so much to see and do in Umm Qais alone (not counting what lies beyond), it’s no surprise why this destination continues to remain a favorite amongst many Jordanian travelers year after year regardless if their journey begins close by or far away from these inviting lands – indeed an unforgettable experience awaits those willing to give it a try!

Visit To The Black Iris Gardens

The Black Iris Gardens is an idyllic destination located in the heart of Jordan. It has been long renowned for its black iris beauty, botanical wonders and cultural significance as a popular tourist attraction. The gardens are also home to many sustainable tourism practices that allow visitors to experience local culture while enjoying nature’s most exquisite offerings.

Visitors can wander through the gardens taking in all it has to offer; from the fragrant flowers and vibrant colors provided by the native irises to the tranquil atmosphere created by traditional Jordanian music played throughout. A wide variety of activities such as guided tours, outdoor cooking classes and even yoga sessions are available to those wanting more insight into this unique slice of paradise. These experiences provide tourists with an opportunity to learn about both history and ecology while connecting with locals who have lived here for generations.

The Black Iris Gardens serves as a true testament towards sustainability tourism – one which not only preserves but celebrates local customs, traditions and values. It’s a place where people come together regardless of their background or beliefs, appreciating tranquility found within these walls amongst some of Mother Nature’s finest treasures. As such, it provides travelers with memorable moments that will stay with them for years to come – ones that will remain etched in their hearts forevermore.

Tour Of The Roman Amphitheater

The Roman Amphitheater in Jerash is a must-see destination for anyone visiting the Amman area. It provides an opportunity to explore history through ancient architecture and uncover artifacts from the gladiatorial battles that took place within its walls. Tourists can enjoy a number of activities while at the amphitheater:

  • Viewing intricate carvings on the stone wall
  • Examining mosaics still intact after thousands of years
  • Exploring underground tunnels where prisoners were held

This historical site also offers insight into how citizens lived during Roman rule, with evidence of public baths, shops and other amenities clearly visible. The imposing columns and gateways are truly awe-inspiring – remnants of the great city which flourished two millennia ago. While walking around this open air museum, visitors will gain a better understanding of what life was like in Ancient Rome.

Stop At The Jordan Museum

The Jordan Museum is a must-see destination for anyone with an interest in the rich history of this region. It provides a window into prehistoric times, and its archeological findings have been fundamental to understanding the cultural significance of many ancient civilizations that called the area home. The museum houses numerous artifacts, art exhibitions, and interactive displays which provide visitors with further insight into life during these periods.

Prehistoric TimesAncient artifacts from various cultures in Jordan over different time periods
Archeological FindingsExhibits providing insight into how people lived during these times
Cultural SignificanceArt exhibits exploring the importance of each culture’s contributions to today’s society

Visitors can expect to explore various aspects of Jordanian heritage through engaging multimedia presentations, as well as hands-on activities designed to help them better understand their own connection to this land. In addition, there are several special permanent collections available throughout the year that delve even deeper into specific eras or areas of study; including recent acquisitions such as pottery vessels from Umm el-Jimal and petroglyphs from Wadi Faynan.

The Jordan Museum has become renowned amongst historians and archaeologists alike for its unique collection of items highlighting both regional and global antiquity. From restored mosaics depicting scenes from classical mythology to inscriptions detailing religious practices thousands of years ago, it offers unparalleled access to significant evidence about past societies and their customs. Even those unfamiliar with ancient civilization will find themselves captivated by the stories revealed through these historic objects – making it essential part of any tour through Amman or beyond.

Journey To The City Of Ajloun

City Of Ajloun private tour from Amman

Having enjoyed the fascinating artifacts in Jordan Museum, the tour continued towards Ajloun. The city is renowned for its stunning mountain views and rich cultural heritage.

The journey to Ajloun was an enriching experience in itself as it provided a chance to witness the beauty of nature that surrounded it. Upon arrival at Ajloun, visitors could appreciate numerous attractions such as the majestic castle from which they could enjoy scenic views of olive groves, rolling hills and valleys below. Additionally, tourists had access to local cuisine with specialties like Kebab Na’meh made using fresh ingredients including herbs, spices and local olive oil.

Ajloun offered travelers various opportunities to explore culture through activities such as eco tourism or attending events related to traditional crafts or music performances. With this visit to Ajloun one can gain insight into Jordanian traditions while learning about different aspects of its cultural heritage. Through these experiences locals can connect with their history while creating memories that will last forever.

Return To Amman

The journey back to Amman is one that will leave travelers with a lasting cultural experience. As the tour winds its way along, there are plenty of opportunities for historical insights and taking in the local scenery. Whether it’s trying some delicious local cuisine or stopping at souvenir shops and local markets, each traveler is sure to find something special to take home as a memory of this amazing journey.

Along the drive back, visitors can marvel at stunning views of rolling hills, olive groves, and picturesque villages. There may even be an opportunity to explore another castle or two before returning to Amman. This last stretch of road provides tourists with ample time to reflect on all they have seen during their visit while also enjoying a peaceful ride through beautiful Jordanian countryside.

In addition to offering spectacular sights and sounds, the return trip gives everyone a chance for more shopping experiences such as buying handmade crafts from roadside vendors or browsing for jewelry in traditional souks. A perfect ending after a full day touring around northern Jordan would be savoring freshly made falafel wraps accompanied by ice cold drinks—a treat not soon forgotten!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Duration Of The Tour?

Visiting duration, pick up points, tour price, meal options and age limits are all factors to consider when exploring the Current Topic of what is the duration of a private tour. The length of such tours can vary depending on the desired itinerary and number of destinations visited. Private touring companies may offer packages that accommodate half-day excursions or full day trips lasting from eight hours to several days. Tour prices will include transportation costs as well as meals along with any applicable fees for attractions visited. Age restrictions may apply based upon individual company policies and safety regulations enforced by local authorities.

What Are The Pick-Up/Drop-Off Locations For The Tour?

Private tours from Amman to Jerash, Ajloun Castle or Umm Qais provide a convenient and flexible way to explore the area with pick-up and drop-off locations available in various areas. Tour guides have experience in streamlining the journey for visitors so that they can enjoy their time without worrying about visibility conditions, tour languages availability, or time flexibility. Moreover, these private tours offer customization options so that travelers can tailor their trip according to their preferences.

What Is The Cost Of The Tour?

The cost of a private tour to Jerash, Ajloun Castle or Umm Qais from Amman is dependent on the size of your party and how many days you wish to spend. Generally speaking, it can range anywhere between $150-$500 per person depending on the tour package chosen. It’s important to consider other factors such as travel logistics, safety precautions, packing tips and availability when planning any trip. Tour highlights are also worth considering so that travelers can make the most out of their experience while visiting these unique locations in Jordan.

Are There Any Meals Included In The Tour?

Tour cuisine, dietary requirements and maximum capacity are all important considerations when taking a private tour. Generally speaking, meals are not included in the cost of these tours unless otherwise stated by the tour guide or company. Most companies will accommodate special dietary needs if they have been informed beforehand. Tour guides may also offer cultural experiences during mealtime that provide insight into local customs while discovering new flavours from different cuisines.

Are There Any Age Restrictions For Participants On The Tour?

When planning a tour from Amman to Jerash, Ajloun Castle or Umm Qais Private Tour, it is important for participants to take age restrictions into consideration. Depending on the tour guide and transportation options chosen, different safety precautions must be taken in order for all guests to appreciate the cultural significance of the sites visited. Pre-trip planning should include an evaluation of any potential risks associated with bringing younger travelers along – such as reduced stamina and energy levels compared to that of older participants. Therefore, understanding age restrictions prior to booking a private tour will help ensure that everyone involved has an enjoyable experience.


A private tour from Amman to Jerash, Ajloun Castle or Umm Qais provides a great opportunity for visitors to explore Jordan’s rich history and culture. The duration of the tour varies depending on the number of destinations visited and can last anywhere between 4-8 hours. Pick-up/drop-off locations are generally located in Amman city centre but this is dependent upon prior arrangements with the tour provider. Prices vary according to group size and other factors, so it is important that travelers contact their chosen tour operator for an accurate cost breakdown. Meals may be included in some tours however this will depend on the particular package purchased by travelers. Age restrictions also apply, as certain activities may not be suitable for young children or those who have mobility issues. In summary, a private tour from Amman is a great way to experience all three sites while learning more about Jordanian heritage and culture.

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