How to find a job in Ireland for Mexicans

Emigrating to Ireland for a season is a great adventure and an excellent decision. This country full of mysticism and traditions offers professional and job opportunities for everyone. Yes, you read that right, Mexicans can find a job in Ireland!

If your plan is to travel and work in Ireland, let us tell you that being Mexican is not an obstacle at all. Do you want to know what you need to find a job in the Emerald Isle?

In this article we will talk about all the details and the step by step to get your dream job as soon as possible. Stay tuned and keep scrolling down!

First of all, where to start?

To begin with, you must know exactly what you want. That is, you can go to work in Ireland for a short period (less than 90 days) or for a longer period. In addition, you must define if you want to take advantage of the fact that you are there to enroll in a course.

Once you have decided this, it is time to think about immigration procedures and paperwork. While it is true that Mexicans do not need a visa to enter Ireland, it is a different story when it comes to work.

As foreigners, it is necessary to have a visa to be able to look for a job. In order to obtain a work visa, it is necessary to have a permit from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE) and an employment proposal.

Don’t despair! Although it sounds complicated, it’s really not. It’s just a process with several steps, and you have to take one at a time. Below, we will show you how to find a job in Ireland for Mexicans step by step.

How to get a job in Ireland for Mexicans?

Let’s make a “step by step” chronicle of how to get a job in Ireland for Mexicans. Take note and, remember, take one step at a time.

1. Make the decision

It sounds silly, but it is very important that you are clear about what you want to do. Do you want to work for a while, study and work at the same time, or perhaps emigrate and seek permanent residence?

If you are clear about your objectives, it will be much easier for you to reach your goal. In any case, the Emerald Isle is waiting for you.

2. Apply for permits and visas

Once you have decided what you are going to do in Ireland, it is time to do the paperwork. For example, if you decide to study and work in Ireland, you must apply for a student visa and a temporary work permit.

Now, if you do not want to study and dream of gaining international professional experience, you must first look for a job so that you can apply for your work permit from DETE.

Once you have your work permit, you must apply for a work visa with the Irish immigration department. Please note that there are two types of work visas: the General Employment Permit and the Critical Skills Employment Permit (we will talk about them later).

3. Apply for IRP and PPS

Once you have your visa ready, you must apply for a couple of documents: the Irish Residence Permit (IRP) and the Personal Public Service (PPS). The IRP is an identification that allows you to reside legally in the Emerald Isle and, if needed, to renew your visa while in the country.

On the other hand, the PPS is the social security number. With this document you are entitled to all the services provided by the Irish government, just like any other citizen. But that means that you also have obligations to the state, such as paying taxes.

4. Open your bank account and get a phone number

Once you are in Ireland, ideally you should open a bank account and get a SIM card with a local number. On the one hand, you need a local bank account so that your salary is deposited and you don’t lose money in commissions if you use your Mexican account.

On the other hand, it is very important that you have a phone line so you can communicate with your co-workers, employer, friends and more. Both of these things you can get without much trouble once you get to the Emerald Isle.

5. Prepare your resume and a cover page

If you want to get a job in Ireland for Mexicans, change jobs or apply for a higher position, you need a well-written resume in English.

In addition to the resume, you should prepare a cover letter. Here you should introduce yourself, explain why you want the job and why you are the ideal candidate. This is a common practice in many countries and is even becoming fashionable in Mexico.

Once you have your winning CV with a perfect cover letter, it’s time to prepare for your job interview in English. And speaking of which…

6. Improve your English level

It is true that you can get a job without knowing English. For example, a common job in Ireland for Mexicans is to be an agent in Hispanic call centers, but the reality is that there is nothing better than mastering the language!

If you have a good command of English, you can access better job opportunities. In addition, it will make your daily life in Ireland easier, because everything around you will be in English, from the bus stop to the products you buy at the supermarket.

Requirements to find a job in Ireland for Mexicans

Let’s talk a little about the requirements for Mexicans to travel to Ireland. First of all, if you travel to Ireland for less than 90 days you do not need a visa, only your passport valid for the duration of your stay.

You can use these 90 days to walk around, get to know and marvel at all that Ireland has to offer. You can also study an English course, as long as its duration is less than 90 days.

Now, if we talk about work, everything changes. In addition to your passport, you also need a work permit issued by the DETE for stays of less than 90 days. And if you plan to stay longer than this, you need a stamp 2 visa.

But if your plan is not to study, you can apply for the General Employment Permit or the Critical Skills Employment Permit, which we’ll talk about in more detail!

Visa Stamp 2

This is the most requested student work visa, as it allows you to study any educational program, from a language course to a university degree. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to work part-time during class periods (20 hours per week) and full-time during vacations (40 hours per week).

It is valid for an initial period of 8 months and can be renewed two more times for a total of 2 years. All this as long as you are studying in one of the educational institutions approved by the Irish government.

Among the requirements to apply for this visa are to have a letter of acceptance in an educational institution approved by the government, to present proof that the course has been paid and to contract an international medical insurance.

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General Employment Permit

The General Employment Permit is a type of visa for any international candidate who wants a job in Ireland. This permit applies to all areas and jobs in the Emerald Isle with some exceptions; more on that below.

The permit is valid for 2 years and is renewable for up to 3 more years. After those 5 years it is possible to apply for a resident visa to stay in Ireland permanently.

The most important requirements for this visa are to have a formal job proposal, to prove that you have the skills for the job and to have a work permit issued by the DETE.

Please note. This visa is expensive; if you apply for 6 months or less it costs 500 EUR. But, if you apply for more than 6 months and up to 2 years, it costs 1,000 EUR.

*Prices are for reference only and may vary over time.

Critical skills employment permit

This visa is designed for highly qualified international candidates who come to Ireland to fill positions where there is a shortage of professionals. In other words, it is to attract talents and profiles that are not available in the domestic labor market.

The idea of this type of visa is that, as the candidate has a scarce profile in Ireland, he/she can eventually obtain permanent residence.

If you are interested in this visa, the most important requirement you must meet is to have an offer to work in Ireland included in the Critical Skills Occupation List, that the contract has a minimum duration of 2 years and that the offer has a minimum annual remuneration of 32,000 EUR.

Please note. The cost of this visa is 100 EUR. And add to that the payment of the residence permit for 300 EUR. The immigration department will evaluate your application and make a decision. If for some reason you are rejected, don’t worry, you can appeal the decision to a third official entity to review the case.

*Los precios son de referencia y pueden variar con el tiempo.

What jobs are needed in Ireland?

So, in what areas are there jobs in Ireland for Mexicans? You see, as a Mexican (foreigner) you can work in almost anything, from unskilled jobs to high level positions. Of course, as long as you comply with visas and requirements.

But there are two lists of jobs that you should keep in mind:

  • One is the Critical Skills Occupation List, which details jobs that require a highly skilled profile, which is either non-existent or in very short supply in Ireland. This list is the basis for seeking a Critical Skills Employment Permit.

Another list is the Ineligible Lists of Occupations, which lists occupations and jobs that are prohibited to foreigners.

If the job you are looking for is not on the Ineligible Lists of Occupations, you are already on the other side. But, if the position you are looking for is on the Critical Skills Employment Permit, you have access to a better salary, stable work for 2 years and the possibility to apply for permanent residence in Ireland.

Where to look for a job in Ireland for Mexicans?

In general, it is not very complicated to find a job in Ireland for Mexicans. The labor market is vast and with multiple opportunities, but as it never hurts to have a little help, here are some recommendations to show you the way.

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Virtual labor exchanges

It’s always a great idea to use the tools at hand, and what better tool to look for something than the internet, right? Use online job boards, just like you would in Mexico, but on Irish sites. Here are some suggestions:

  • IrishJobs.ie
  • Indeed.ie
  • Monster.es
  • Jobs.ie
  • Jobsireland.es

Employment agencies

In Ireland there are institutions dedicated to finding a job for candidates. This is a good option if you are having trouble finding a job in Ireland for Mexicans on your own. Some of these agencies are:

  • CPL
  • Adecco
  • Manpower
  • Irish Recruitment
  • Grafton Recruitment

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Use the power of social networks

Yes, social networks have many uses besides sharing photos of your last trip or the most viral meme of the moment. For example, on Facebook, there are pages and groups dedicated to promoting job vacancies in Ireland.

But, if we talk about social networks to look for jobs in Ireland or almost anywhere in the world, none like LinkedIn. This social network for professionals has a powerful search engine to find work in Ireland or wherever you want.

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