Uncovering Ravello: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

Ravello is a small, picturesque town located on the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. Known for its stunning views, charming streets, and cultural heritage, Ravello is a popular destination for travelers looking to experience the best of Italy. In this travel guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know to plan your trip to Ravello, including how to get there, where to stay, what to see and do, and more.

Getting to Ravello

Ravello, on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, is a charming and picturesque town that is well worth a visit. Even though getting to Ravello might not be as easy as getting to some of the other places along the coast, there are still several ways to get there.

Driving is one of the most common ways to get to Ravello. It will take roughly 1.5 hours to drive from Naples to Ravello. The drive is beautiful, with breathtaking views of the coastline and surrounding mountains. It is important to note, however, that parking in Ravello can be difficult, so it is best to park outside of town and walk in.

Public transportation is another option for getting to Ravello. Visitors can take the train from Naples to Salerno and then transfer to a bus to Ravello. The bus trip takes about an hour and provides stunning views of the shore. It is important to note, however, that the bus schedule is limited, and it may not be the most convenient option for travelers on a tight schedule. Hiring a private transfer is a great option for those who prefer a more convenient and comfortable option. A private transfer can be prearranged to pick you up from your hotel or the airport and take you directly to Ravello. This option is more expensive than the others, but it is an excellent choice for those who value convenience and comfort.

Top Attractions in Ravello

Ravello is famous for its beautiful gardens, stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, and historic landmarks. In this Ravello travel guide, we will highlight some of the top attractions that you shouldn’t miss when visiting this charming town.

  1. Villa Rufolo: This magnificent home is one of Ravello’s most well-known monuments. It was built in the 13th century and has lovely gardens, fountains, and terraces with panoramic sea views. Many famous people have visited the villa over the years, including Richard Wagner, who found inspiration for his opera “Parsifal” while staying there.
  2. Ravello Cathedral: Built in the 11th century, this beautiful cathedral has a beautiful bronze door with intricate carvings. Inside, there are beautiful paintings and mosaics, and there is a pulpit from the 1300s that is worth seeing.
  3. Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium: Oscar Niemeyer, a well-known Brazilian architect, created this contemporary building for events and concerts. It sits on a hill with a view of the sea and offers a stunning view of the countryside around it.
  4. Winston Churchill and Greta Garbo are just two of the famous people who have visited Villa Cimbrone, a stunning 11th-century villa. The villa has lovely gardens with statues, fountains, and panoramic sea views.
  5. Duomo di San Pantaleone: This stunning church was built in the 10th century and features stunning Baroque architecture. The interior is beautifully decorated with frescoes and paintings, and there is a 13th-century bell tower worth seeing.
  6. Museo del Corallo: This museum is all about coral art and has beautiful displays of jewelry and other things made from coral. It is a must-see for anybody interested in art and design.
  7. Ceramiche d’Arte Carmela: This artisan shop sells lovely handcrafted ceramics such as plates, vases, and other decorative items. It’s a great place to get a memento of your trip to Ravello.
  8. Piazza del Vescovado: Beautiful architecture and historical structures surround this charming square in the middle of the city. It’s a terrific location to unwind and take in the ambiance of Ravello.
  9. Torre Dello Ziro: Located on a hill overlooking the sea, this medieval tower dates back to the 12th century. It was previously used as an observation tower to alert the town of invading attackers, but it is today a renowned tourist attraction in Ravello.

Best Restaurants in Ravello

When visiting Ravello, you’ll want to make sure you try some of the delicious local cuisines. Ravello is known for its fresh seafood, homemade pasta, and traditional Mediterranean dishes. In this Ravello travel guide, we’ll highlight some of the best restaurants in Ravello where you can enjoy a delicious meal during your stay.

  1. Cumpa’ Cosimo: This family-run restaurant has been a Ravello institution since 1948. Traditional regional dishes such as homemade pasta with seafood, stuffed zucchini flowers, and roasted lamb are on the menu. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting, with a lovely outdoor terrace overlooking the sea.
  2. Rossellinis: This is a restaurant in the Belmond Hotel Caruso that has a Michelin star and beautiful views of the Amalfi Coast. Some of the dishes on the menu, like octopus carpaccio, lobster risotto, and roasted lamb with wild fennel, have a Mediterranean taste.
  3. La Vecchia Cantina: This cozy restaurant is located in the heart of Ravello and serves traditional local dishes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Homemade gnocchi with fresh tomato sauce, grilled squid with lemon and olive oil, and roasted rabbit with rosemary are among the meals on the menu.
  4. Mimi’: This charming restaurant serves delicious Mediterranean cuisine and is set in a beautiful garden. Grilled swordfish with capers and olives, homemade ravioli stuffed with ricotta and lemon, and a variety of fresh salads are on the menu.
  5. Villa Maria: This beautiful restaurant is in the Villa Maria Hotel and has stunning views of the Mediterranean. There are both Mediterranean and Cosmopolitan meals on the menu. Some of the greatest dishes include lobster linguine, grilled fish with balsamic vinegar, and a selection of handcrafted desserts.
  6. Il Flauto di Pan: This cozy restaurant is located in a historic building and serves traditional local dishes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. The menu features dishes such as spaghetti Alle Vongole, grilled sea bass with herbs and lemon, and a variety of homemade desserts.
  7. Da Salvatore: This family-run restaurant is located in a beautiful garden and serves delicious Mediterranean cuisine. On the menu, you can find things like grilled calamari with lemon and parsley, homemade lasagna with meat sauce, and a variety of fresh salads.
  8. Giardiniello: This charming restaurant is located in a beautiful garden and serves delicious local dishes. The menu features dishes such as seafood risotto, homemade gnocchi with tomato and basil sauce, and roasted pork with fennel and potatoes.

Where to Stay in Ravello

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury experience, Ravello has plenty of options to choose from. One of the most famous is the Hotel Villa Cimbrone, a historic villa with gorgeous gardens and stunning views. Other top hotels include Palazzo Avino, which has a Michelin-starred restaurant and a rooftop pool, and Belmond Hotel Caruso, which is situated in a restored 11th-century palace.

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Day Trips

While Ravello has plenty to offer on its own, it is also an ideal base for exploring other nearby towns and attractions. Popular day trips include visiting the nearby towns of Amalfi and Positano, as well as the ancient ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Additionally, visitors can take a boat tour along the coastline or hike the scenic trails of the nearby Lattari Mountains.

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Festivals and Events

Throughout the year, Ravello hosts a variety of festivals and events that showcase the town’s unique heritage and traditions. In our Ravello travel guide, we’ll highlight some of the top festivals and events to experience when visiting Ravello.

  1. Ravello Festival – The Ravello Festival is a world-renowned music festival that takes place annually from July to September at the historic Villa Rufolo. The festival attracts top performers from around the world and offers a unique opportunity to experience music in a stunning setting.
  2. Holy Week Celebrations: Ravello has a strong religious tradition, and Holy Week is celebrated with great fervor. The celebrations include processions, religious ceremonies, and traditional foods.
  3. Ravello Concert Society: The Ravello Concert Society organizes a series of classical music concerts throughout the year at various locations in Ravello. The concerts feature local and international musicians and are a great way to experience the town’s cultural scene.
  4. Ravello Literary Festival: The Ravello Literary Festival is a four-day event that takes place in September and brings together writers, artists, and intellectuals from around the world. The festival features discussions, book signings, and readings and is a great opportunity to engage with the literary world.
  5. Ravello Festival of St. Pantaleone: The Festival of St. Pantaleone is an annual event that takes place on July 27th and honors the town’s patron saint. The celebrations include a procession, a traditional market, and fireworks.
  6. Ravello Film Festival: The Ravello Film Festival is a six-day event that takes place in August and showcases a selection of international films. The festival also features workshops, seminars, and discussions with filmmakers.

Ravello is a town that celebrates its culture and traditions through a variety of festivals and events. By following our Ravello travel guide and attending some of these events, you can experience the town’s unique heritage and immerse yourself in its vibrant cultural scene.

Shopping in Ravello

Ravello’s shopping is a treat, with a variety of boutiques, artisan stores, and local markets offering one-of-a-kind and traditional items. In our Ravello travel guide, we’ll highlight some of the best shopping spots to visit while in Ravello.

  1. Ravello is well-known for its handcrafted ceramics and pottery. The town has a rich history of ceramics, and there are numerous stores offering gorgeous and one-of-a-kind items. Plates, vases, bowls, and ornamental pieces are among the goods available to visitors.
  2. Local Markets: Every Tuesday, there is a market in Ravello where people can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses, cured meats, and handmade crafts, among other things.
  3. Limoncello: Limoncello is a classic Italian liqueur made from lemons. Some of the best Limoncello in the area comes from Ravello. Limoncello may be found at various shops and craft businesses across town.
  4. Ravello boasts a variety of boutiques and stores providing stylish apparel, accessories, and jewelry. Tourists may discover one-of-a-kind and fashionable items that represent the town’s classy and sophisticated environment.
  5. In Ravello, there are a lot of people who make things by hand, like leather goods, purses, and shoes. Visitors may discover stunning and one-of-a-kind things that have been handcrafted with care and attention to detail.
  6. Food and Wine: There are many specialist food stores and wine shops in Ravello that offer local items like olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and wine. Visitors may buy high-quality things that are unique to the area and make excellent presents.

General costs

Ravello is one of the most attractive Amalfi Coast places to visit. While it is not as well-known as some of the other destinations along the coast, it is still a great place to visit for those seeking a peaceful retreat. When it comes to rates in Ravello, keep in mind that it is a tiny town, thus prices might vary based on the season and the location of the place. Nonetheless, when compared to other more famous coastal resorts, Ravello might be a more reasonable alternative.

Ravello’s accommodations range from budget-friendly hostels and guesthouses to more luxurious hotels like the Hotel Villa Cimbrone and Palazzo Avino. A mid-range hotel in Ravello can cost between $150 and $250 per night, while a more luxurious option can cost up to $400 per night.

When it comes to dining in Ravello, there are numerous options, ranging from casual cafes to high-end restaurants. A typical meal at a mid-range restaurant can cost between $30 and $50 per person, while an upscale dining experience can cost up to $100 per person.

The cost of transportation in Ravello varies depending on how you choose to get around. If you want to explore the town on foot, there are several walking pathways with wonderful views of the seaside cliffs and gardens. If you prefer to use public transportation, a one-way bus ticket in Ravello costs between $2 and $3. Taxis are also available, although they are more costly, with an average fare costing roughly $20.

Tips for Visiting Ravello

Ravello is a charming village on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. It has beautiful views, old buildings, and delicious food. If you’re thinking about taking a holiday to Ravello, here are some tips to help you make the most of your stay there. In this Ravello travel guide, we’ll highlight various Ravello trip ideas.

  1. Plan ahead of time since Ravello is a popular summer getaway. To minimize disappointment, it is essential to prepare ahead of time and secure your hotels, transportation, and activities.
  2. Tour Ravello on Foot: Since Ravello is a tiny town, many of its attractions are within walking distance. When you walk around a town, you can take in the beautiful atmosphere and stunning views.
  3. See the Gardens: Ravello has two lovely gardens, Villa Rufolo, and Villa Cimbrone. These gardens are must-sees in Ravello since they feature stunning views of the Amalfi Coast.
  4. Ravello is known for its excellent local food, which includes fresh fish, pasta made by hand, and other dishes typical of the Mediterranean. During your stay, taste some of the local specialties.
  5. Go to a concert. Ravello is well-known for its summer music festival, which is held in the Villa Rufolo. The festival draws worldwide musicians and provides an excellent chance to enjoy music in a lovely location.
  6. Take a Day Trip: Ravello is in a good spot for day trips to Amalfi, Positano, and Pompeii, which are all close by. Consider adding a day excursion to your schedule to further explore the area.
  7. Ravello is a quaint and classy town, so it’s vital to dress appropriately. Lightweight clothing and comfortable shoes are recommended during the summer months.
  8. Be polite. Ravello is a tiny town, so it’s essential to respect the local culture and traditions. Remember to be nice to the locals and to abide by the laws and regulations.


What are the must-visit attractions in Ravello?

Some of the must-visit attractions in Ravello include Piazza Centrale, the Duomo di Ravello, the Gardens at Villa Rufolo, Villa Cimbrone, and the Infinity Terrace (Terrazze dell’Infinito).

What is the Infinity Terrace or Belvedere in Ravello?

The Infinity Terrace or Belvedere in Ravello is a famous viewpoint that offers breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast. It is also known as the Terrazze dell’Infinito and is one of the top attractions in Ravello.

What is the best time to visit Ravello?

The best time to visit Ravello is from April to October when the weather is warm and sunny. However, keep in mind that the summer months can be crowded and expensive, so plan accordingly.

How do I get to Ravello?

Ravello is located on the Amalfi Coast in Italy and can be accessed by car or bus from nearby towns like Amalfi and Positano. The closest airport is Naples International Airport, which is about 60 kilometers away from Ravello.


Ravello is a lovely and intriguing town with something for everyone. Ravello offers something for everyone, whether you’re interested in history, culture, gastronomy, or natural beauty. You can plan the ideal vacation to Ravello and see all this magnificent town has to offer by following the suggestions and recommendations in our travel guide.

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