Top 15 Islands in Coron you should visit

One of the most stunning places to visit in the Philippines is the Coron islands, a wild border of majestic limestone cliffs and white sandy beaches.

Coron is a truly tropical paradise, but with hundreds of islands to choose from, planning your island-hopping trips might be difficult.

The majority of the hotels and eateries in Coron are located on Busuanga Island, whilst the iconic Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoons are found on Coron Island. But there’s so much more, and you may take advantage of Pass Island’s beautiful white beaches or Siete Pecados’ world-class snorkeling.

Scributors offers a list of 15 amazing islands in Coron that you should see to get you in the mood for your next journey in the Philippines.

Top 15 Coron Islands:

1. Coron Island

The most famous island in the archipelago, Coron Island is regarded by many as being the most beautiful of the several islands in the Coron group.

Coron Island, located only a short boat trip away from Busuanga, where the majority of tourists spend their time, is home to the most renowned natural wonders.
This location is revered by the local Tagbanua people and is shrouded in history and folklore; upon visiting, you’ll quickly understand why.

For the most well-known vantage point in the islands, go to Coron Bay. Then go swimming in Kayangan Lake’s cool waters, which is home to a supposedly enormous mythological octopus.

At the nearby Twin Lagoons, where imposing limestone cliffs dominate the landscape, you may also swim between freshwater and saltwater.

Searching for a tour to aid in your exploration of Coron Island? These excursions can include swimming at the Twin Lagoons, snorkeling at the Siete Pecados Marine Park, and seeing Coral Eden. It also includes a boat tour of Kayangan Lake and a seafood lunch on Calachuchi Beach.

2. Black Island 

Black Island, which was formerly kept a secret but is now gaining popularity, is still far enough away from Coron Town to be a lovely getaway from the busier crowds at locations like Kayangan Lake.

Although Black Island is remote and wild, getting there from Coron Town requires traveling through choppy water for many hours on an outrigger boat.

Fronting a magnificent limestone cliff that rises sharply from the water is a long, wonderful sandy beach.

You may relax on the beach, go snorkeling near a shipwreck or explore the cave system inside the cliffs.

3. Dibuyuyan

Dibuyuyan, one of Coron’s most stunning islands, is situated to the north of Busuanga.

Due to the fact that most island hopping trips don’t often stop here, this island isn’t nearly as well known as Coron Island itself and others to the south of Busuanga.

This makes it more difficult to get there, but the stunning reef that encircles the island is making it a sought-after diving location. Join a diving excursion to see Dibuyuyan’s remote magnificence from above and below the water.

4. Busuanga Island 

In terms of size, Busuanga Island is the biggest of the islands that make up the region of Coron. This is where Coron Town, the area’s transportation, lodging, and restaurant core, is located, confusing things for first-time visitors to Coron!

You’ll most likely stay on the island of Busuanga, from where you can take island-hopping trips to view the rest of Coron’s stunning islands.

Although Coron Town isn’t exactly the most picturesque site in the area, Busuanga is more than simply a transportation hub. If you go down the coast, you’ll discover little towns and quiet resorts with views of the undeveloped coastline.

5. Dibutunay

If you’re seeking disconnection and calmness, Dibutunay, another isolated island in Coron that’s off the beaten path, is a terrific location to visit.

To reach this island, which lies off the northwest coast of Busuanga, you must spend many hours in choppy local transportation, travel across the land, then travel by water.

However, once you get to Dibutunay, you’ll immediately come to the conclusion that making the trip was worthwhile to experience one of Coron’s quieter little islands.

6. Pass Island

Even in contrast to the unspoiled natural beauty that you can see on the other islands in Coron, Pass Island is a stunning location to visit. This island could possibly be the essence of heaven.

Pass Island is just 10 minute walk from one end to the other, yet you could easily spend several days there simply taking in the distant beauty.

Spend the night in a simple wooden house far from civilization, sip coconut water straight from the tree, and dive among the coral and fish that encircle Pass Island.

Given the lengthy boat trip from Coron Town, you’ll want to stay there for a day or two to enjoy the island’s beauty while you can. It’s one of the most picturesque islands in Coron.

7. Malcapuya Island

One of Coron’s best-kept secrets is Malcapuya Island, but that won’t last for very long.

This is a wonderful paradise since it has peaceful, clear seas and soft, sand beaches on each side.

Read a book while lounging on the beach in the sunlight, or go snorkeling in the clear seas. If one day isn’t enough for you, you may even spend the night in modest beachside lodging.

On an island-hopping cruise that includes a buffet lunch, a guide, and door-to-door round-trip transportation from town hotels, take in Coron’s gorgeous beaches and crystal-clear seas.

Take a boat to Malcapuya Island to begin your day, and while you go there, take in the magnificent vistas of the coastline cliffs. Explore Siete Pecados, swim in Twin Lagoon, snorkel Skeleton Wreck, and ascend to the clear waters of Kayangan Lake.

8. Pagtenga island

Another excellent, remote island that’s a nice place to go if you want to get away from it all is North Cay (Pagtenga).

Despite the island’s little size, it is home to some of Coron’s most beautiful stretches of immaculate white sand.

9. Bulog Dos Island

Another little piece of paradise, Bulog Dos Island is located amid the magnificent Coron islands.

This island is about 10 minutes distant from Banana Island by outrigger boat, and it is often included in the same island-hopping tour from Coron Town.

The lengthy sandbar that extends into the sea off of Bulog Dos Island is well-known for its ability to move and vary with the tides and the seasons.

Bring a drone since aerial views of this island are the greatest.

10. Banana Island

The oddly called Banana Island’s coastlines are close to Malcapuya Island and are often visited as part of an island-hopping excursion to this region of Coron.

Although there aren’t many bananas in this area, there are lovely white dunes and a gorgeous ocean.
After exploring the coral underwater, you may spend the rest of the day lounging in the shade before watching the Coron Islands light up in a blazing blaze at night. Hammocks are stretched out between palm trees.

But why is it called a Banana? Hmm, the island we visited had a lot of palm trees, but we didn’t see any banana plants. We were told that the name of the island was derived from its form. At the time, this sounded like a plausible answer. However, a simple look at Google Maps disproved that theory. The mystery, therefore, remains unsolved.

A treehouse, hammocks, and a shop are also present. In the clear seas, you may go swimming and snorkeling or simply relax on the beach to get the ideal tan. As I did, you may also utilize the hammocks to unwind or take a little sleep. It’s good to travel to this island.

11. Siete Pecados Island

One of the most well-known areas of Coron is Siete Pecados, which is often covered by the well-liked island-hopping cruises that visit the main attractions on Coron Island.

One of Coron’s greatest snorkeling locations is at this little rocky outcrop, which is surrounded by vibrant coral reefs and a wealth of aquatic life.

The island itself isn’t very noteworthy, but the underwater environment around it is unparalleled among the islands of Coron.

12. Bulalacao Island

Spend a few nights on Bulalacao Island and enjoy the lovely weather if you’re searching for both isolation and elegance.

The renowned Two Seasons Resort in Coron may be found here; it’s a haven of understated elegance that mixes simple island life with first-rate service and facilities.

You’ll have the resort all to yourself, but be sure to reserve early since, despite the exorbitant costs, lodging here is always in great demand.

13. Ditaytayan Island

One of the most spectacular spots to visit in Coron is Ditaytayan, which is situated in the waterway that divides Culion from Bulalacao Island.

The little island is covered with lush trees, has rugged limestone cliffs, and is green and verdant, but the most amazing sight is the sandbar that extends out to sea from the shore.

This is typical Instagram terrain, however, if you visit Ditaytayan Island, you can still find yourself the lone person at the sandbar shooting pictures in a location like Coron where everything is Instagram-worthy.

14. Culion Island

The second-largest island in the Coron archipelago, Culion, is a stunning location but has long been associated negatively due to its past as a leper colony.

Maybe as a result, Culion hasn’t yet seen the same level of tourist development as Busuanga and Coron Island.

Several quiet beaches, shipwrecks, and breathtaking scenery are waiting for you here. Naturally, you shouldn’t be concerned about your health either since Culion has been leprosy-free for a long time.

15. Pamalican Island

The fact that this little island off the coast of Busuanga isn’t often featured in typical island-hopping tours may be enough to convince you to go.

Arrive early enough and you may almost have Pamilican to yourself as your own little island in Coron since there has been no development here. ideally, for a while.

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